LOVE! The new color really works well with your natural coloring.

I'm sorry you're not finding anything interesting as far as clothing goes. I am finding that I am very interested in texture right now, and small splashes of color (like as an accessory). I hope you find something sartorially interesting soon!

Lisa, this is a wonderful change and highlights your eyes. Are you wearing your beautiful olive anorak from NAS? I think this would look incredible with this new hair colour. I love how your colourist has added the caramel highlights, which really softens the overall look.

More love for this color on you, richness and depth and just really flattering on you.
I am trrrrrying hard not to shop atm and not exactly succeeding. So maybe I am just wishing I was trying hard? Hope you find some pieces that spark joy and imagination.

You look very well! This color enhances you eyes and complexion. Well done.

As for clothes, yes, where is the good stuff? I hope 2018 will bring us some luck with shopping.

Hair colour is good. Matches your eyebrows. Umm... are those natural eyebrows? Have you considered having them a little thicker? ( Just a wee bit more towards Cara Delevingne's?) Could change up your look a bit more?
Come for a trip Down Under for some different clothes!

Your title made me laugh because it is just so true!!!!! I really like this new look.

Need to consider Jenni's comment about eyebrows for myself.

Oh wow! I just saw this and I love it! I think it looks modern and makes your eyes stand out. Sometimes a big change is just what we need!

Oh oh oh! And I bet it will look marvelous with a certain amazing blue and white scarf!!!

Wow, very rich. You have a wise colourist. Looks like it will work splendidly with an olive-and-black driven wardrobe.

sometimes it's just time for a change! love the color!

(and i completely get this, when i was in my 20's and early 30's everytime i got bored with my look or fustrated with my life, i changed my hair...long, short, curly, straight, blonde highlights....whatever, i did it, i figured it was only hair, if i didn't like it in a couple of months it would have grown enough to change it again....easier and cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe, moving into a new appartment or telling my boss off!...)

Just gorgeous - the new colour really suits you.

I am amazed. I went back and forth with your pics. I love this color and “ natural” look and agree it actually looks more updated- you look so alive and approachable and hair looks soft- spiky.

Love it - hang on to your hair stylist! I know what you mean about January, super cold here in Michigan too and all my clothes are boring and yucky. Is it spring yet?

I was excited when I saw your post title and the new color is amazing. Rich and delicious looking! I loved your blonde too, but this a great change. Lucky you to have two great colors to play with. I am not au courant enough to suggest wardrobe ideas, but warm sweaters may be in the forecast.

I like your hair dark! Looking good with your eyes.

Wow! Your skin looks great! Reading your post I was expecting all one colour, but that is not the case. Beautiful hair colour.

I think all of Canada has been hostage to a prolonged deep freeze, however this to shall pass! While paging through my fitness journal to summarize 2017, I came across an entry for April 2 - "20.8k cycle (outside)...comfortable/easy".

Oh, yes, that brown is lovely on you.It makes your eyes pop! When the budget allows I am going to go for caramel highlights too-- so subtle and beautiful.

The new color is super fab, Lisa, and somehow it seems just right for this time of year, too. I can see going lighter again in the summer. This color does really bring out your gorgeous eyes, and it looks terrific with the dark sweater you have on, which looks like dark olive on my screen. I think you'll have better luck finding your new jeans come springtime. Or at least maybe next month, when spring and summer items will begin to hit the stores.

You look gorgeous! I am jealous!!

Thank you ALL for such positive feedback. It was great to hear, not just the "getting a compliment" aspect, but because it's hard to get an objective view of your own hair. My husband did not say one word, which made me wonder if I've lost my perspective and look like a witch

And Jenny - your eyebrow comment made me laugh. Cara can wear those kind of eyebrows, but I think I'll stick to keeping mine a little cleaner and moderate-sized (and yes, they are micro bladed: I don't have much hair there and it's growing in white now) Interestingly, I just read that the "instagram brow" is now trending down and that softer, more natural looking brows are back in . Yikes! And YES to coming to NZ and AUS for clothing - your countries have the best indie designers and I follow quite a few on instagram.

Bijou - yes to the olive anorak, although I haven't worn it yet since changing hair colour. Must get it out !

I find it naturally chic and ladylike!:-)

I love the look, and I can so relate to this sentiment: "this is what happens in January in Canada when it's incredibly cold and you lose your mind." My hair has always been my playground when I'm stressed, bored, or needing a jolt of energy.

As for jeans, have you seen these? They are on my radar.

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Looks great! What a change. I felt the same way a month ago, though my change was more subtle. It really gives you a fresh perspective on your whole look, doesn't it?

Thanks Vivian. Never heard of this brand - have you tried them? The 10 inch rise alarms me though. Usually means I can't even get them done up over my rib cage to get them to fit elsewhere.

lisap:that looks fab! You look like the actress Greta Sachi, from Brideshead Revisited, wonderful film if any of you have seen it, if not, watch it, it's one of my top 5 films ever,~
Great idea, changing your hair for the new year! I'm considering it as well.
I'm watching a fab Netflix series now called "Cable Girls". It's a Spanish series, but funny it's dubbed in English. But it's so fun. Takes place in the 20's in Madrid. I', tempted to cut my shoulder length hair off to a jaw length bob and go even lighter. We'll see. Anyway, I love your hair Lisa, it's awesome~ What does your husband think?

Love the change! I love your blonde too, and the red... Lucky you!

Regarding jeans, take a look at Uniqlo Cigarette Jeans. That seems to be what you are describing. I ordered some in my usual GAP size (GAP fits me well too) and love them. Unfortunately they do stretch some during the day, it might be better to size down. Both sizes fit me, just differently I preferred the larger, but might go back and reorder the smaller due to the stretch. And the price is definitely right. The one in the find is more like the smaller size fit on me.