This is a spinoff from my earlier coat/outerwear thread, since it appears that rainwear is an issue for a lot of folks! I'm hoping that those who live in damper areas (Seattle? UK? British Columbia?) and intrepid dog walkers chime in with their solutions.

When it rains, I carry an umbrella. If it is cold-ish (spring or fall) I wear a water resistant trench coat, sometimes with a heavy sweater or puffer under. FWIW, I have never found a raincoat, even with a hood, that really keeps a person dry after prolonged exposure. In fact it seems that there is a drip line from the hem of any coat downwards that makes things worse! The old reversible rubber raincoats of my youth were horrible, and even created their own awful mini micro climate inside the coat! Then there is persistent drizzle vs torrential downpour....

When I worked in the Big City, I wore a trench coat and collapsible umbrella, but I was also able to navigate an underground route called the PATH from the train station to my office so I could avoid going outdoors! Nowadays, when walking in the rain I wear rubber boots with alpaca liners and DH carries a ginormous golf umbrella!

What do you wear for dancing in the rain? Bonus points if you know of a hooded truly waterproof outer garment!

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