I am on team 1 to 1 1/2 inch or less but mostly flats.

I don't wear heels very often anymore. When I did wear them daily, arch support was key for me. I have freakishly high arches, and if they weren't supported then I couldn't handle it.
Once I figured out the arch support, it was easier to figure out if a shoe was going to rub blisters on my heel or foot right away when I tried them on in the store. Possibly because I had been dealing with blisters for so long, trying to find shoes that didn't give me cramps in my feet.
These days, I'm having a very similar problem with flats. It's even harder to find arch support in flats that in heels, so I'm still working through the whole comfort issue with flats.

I rarely wear heels over 3" anymore, even though I used to years ago when I first found YLF. I walk more on a daily basis now, and my feet have become less tolerant. However, all the shoes below are in my wardrobe and are quite wearable, some more than others (some are obviously lower than 3", I just wanted to show a selection of my wearable heels). Even 3" block heels are starting to become wearisome to wear for a day that includes much walking, so more and more, I'm reserving those for dressier occasions and times when I won't be as active.

I wish my feet could handle heels everyday, but they just can't. I save heels for business meetings and special events, and the occasional whim of my day to day, but for the most part I'm in flats everyday.

Beautiful selection of shoes, Janet! If I had those, I'd want to wear them everyday.

I never wear heels over 3 inches. 3 inches is for "dressy" events.

My foot is a bit like Staysfit's so a heel of 2 to 2.5 inches is actually ideal for me. A complete flat (like a ballet flat or a flat flip flop or moccasin) causes me more pain than a heel would cause. Sneakers are "iffy." In the ones below I have to wear an insole or else they are not comfortable for all day wear. My sweet spot is 1 inch to 2.5 and most of my footwear falls into that category. I will walk all day in most of my shoes.

I like low-heeled sandals, Suz, so I may be in the same boat, it's possible low heels are good for me. But I never know, because I default to the same shoes all the time. Just trying to get out of wearing my Uggs and ballet flats every day.

For the longest time I wore very high pumps every day even though they hurt my feet. Now I am very very picky about my shoes and I won't wear them if they hurt. I still wear some of the high heels but have grown fond of kitten heels in the last year or two. Also block heels are a lifesaver for me. Strangely, the shoes that are hardest on my feet are ones that are completely flat so I do best with a mid-heel, I think.

Here's a selection of my current shoe wardrobe. I'm wearing the leopard high heeled pumps today and they are reasonably comfortable.

Aldo Uloaviel Pump
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Beautiful shoes, MsMary! Looks like you really like a classic pump, and maybe I need to try a lower heeled pump. Those look plenty high to me.

Carol, I see a lot of kitten heels online when I'm shopping, much more than in past years. I think they're on trend. So now would be a good time to try a lower heel, since there are quite a few to choose from.