Like Suz, Chris, and Ummlila, I put off boots for as long as possible. They aren't my favourite form of footwear, and I will surely have to wear them for 6 months of the year due to the nature of our weather. By March I will be sick of them, but I usually can't get my toes out until May.

I'll wear boots and booties when the snow comes. Before that, pointy toe flats and brogues.

A few booties are never completely put away, because I wear a few pair year round. When the weather cools around mid-October, I pull out all the booties and wear them instead of sandals and my cheery summer slip on sneakers that just don't look autumnal. I alternate them with loafers or athletic shoes. I love booties. They're one of the reasons--wonderful sweaters being another--I love dressing for autumn and winter way more than spring/summer.

Full-on outdoor boots meant for winter wait until December, unless weather is such that I must haul them out early.

My approach is purely practical: I wear boots whenever my feet feel chilly. So, here in the UK, that could mean wearing them during a cold spell in summer. Mostly, though, it's late September or October when the boots come out to play.

I add things piece by piece: In hot, humid August, I'm down to a pair of ballet flats, various sandals, and extra-lightweight sneakers. Soon I'll be adding heavier Converse sneaks and oxfords, then booties and taller boots throughout September/October. I do wear my Hunter wellies all year, though, for tramping through places where brambles, snakes, and ticks lie in wait.

It is purely temperature dependent for me. My feet run hot.

Ditto what Summer said. I do like to wear summer footwear as long as possible, because sometimes our summers seem too short. And I pretty much live in booties from fall through spring.
My difficulty is finding enough days to wear oxfords. I love them, and they are kind of a transition shoe for me, weather-wise.

Opposite seasons but I tend to only wear boots from April to October,,with both April and October being fringe seasons where I might also wear sandals or shoes.

As late as possible! Generally, late October /November. I don't like Fall and Winter, and I try to extend Summer as long as possible, at the cost of shivering in non appropriate clothing. Then there comes the day when I have to give up. It is always a sad day for me when I have to admit that Summer is over.

Although I rarely wear sandals past August, I enjoy bare legs and ballet flats as long as possible before switching to black tights and black flats, and later making the move to black tights and knee-high boots based on the weather.

July and August are usually way too hot and humid for ankle boots here. I almost completely change footwear from summer to winter, and I start wearing my ankle boots, leather oxfords, etc. in late September when the temperatures drop.

Even though, like others, I live in a climate with a long winter, I break out my fall footwear as soon as possible. Leather boots/booties and fashion sneakers only get wear in the fall before the snow flies and in the spring after it's melted. These seasons are very short. In winter it's only snow boots except for the odd mild and dry day.

I won't be able to wear fall clothing until late October here in North Carolina. I spend most of the early 'fall' wearing the summer clothes it was too hot for all summer. Like shirts with short sleeves and cropped pants.

When my feet start getting cold - usually in late Fall, depending on how the weather goes.

I am a self proclaimed boot addict but in the heat and humidity of Virginia Beach, I pack them away. I get plenty of wear out of them and my summer shoes don't need the competition, lol. I will be coming back from my cruise the beginning of October and start fall switchover then.

When my DH and I were in Cozumel, I saw some girls wearing cowboy boots with summer dresses. I knew they had to be from somewhere in the Southern U.S. That's the way they dress here. It's definitely not what they wear there, and not what I was wearing. How they could wear those boots in the heat and humidity is beyond me.

Last summer I wore my booties in late August with dresses, but looking at the photos, I should have either waited until later or worn a pair in a lighter color. The black suede with those dresses looked off in summer.

I love sandals as they are more comfortable for me, so I stay in them as long as possible. But this year due to YLF and NAS I am looking forward to wearing fall/winter clothes. But not yet. My favorite temps are in the 70's. And I do better with the sun out. But I am looking at my booties longingly.