I was about to do what I thought ( and think will be ) is a good post on wardrobe editing and culling. I really was. I have been removing items, making myself do one or 2 out for one in, and honing style.
Then I saw the dark florals by Brooklyn (and I already have that bug) and Angie's post today.

The WHBM website avers that the items are not in local stores but phooey, that is usually not true. So I stopped by.

Pics 1-4 are trying a tunic dress. It has a V neck that is too low but I knew I had a tank top in exactly that color. This really MIGHT be imaginary lifestyle for me but I am trying, due to "dress:" style and color, both of which are good for me. It feels very fun. So it is a "wild card" in terms of style but can only, for me,be worn with some kind of pants/leggings. Pics 1-2 are with my WHBM "magic pants" which I've worn all summer and make anything look better--classic blazers, etc. Then, I don't have real leggings but I have some skinny pants in this gray print and some black, not shown. I tried it over a pencil skirt, but that is not very happy for me, more trying too hard to make it work.

5-8 The dark floral skirt was not even on my radar but was there in the store. The colors are great and the reason I like the florals are that I can do sheer hose and lighter colored tops and footwear in warm weather, and opaque tights in fall. Pic 7 is a stretch, it is playing with Brooklyn's example-this is an EF linen knit top I have but it is a little long, so bulky. When doing the FIND I see that there is a floral blazer online! If I were to get a dark floral blazer, this pattern and colors might be it. So I may investigate.
8-9 is the knit military blazer. I already got an olive longer, military jacket from WHBM (out of stock, no Find) and I know I like the longer jackets with some fit. That is part of wearing what I like/like on me. I was not really trying to add BLACK jackets but hey, black is versatile. I think this is an interesting fit because it looks surprisingly okay with the skirt, as well as good with pants--I think due to the slightly fit & flare cut and not looking like a business blazer as much. I can NOT really wear it buttoned--but I am okay with that since I never button.

I am undecided on the "dress" as it is only polyester, not super-versatile and will not likely have a low CPU. Also I might wear it and then get timid. I was between sizes and sized up as the smaller was very tight in armholes and hard to pull off.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

ETA added pic of XXS in pic 10. It does look better. Here is the funny thing-- I am really drawn to it to play with a more "dramatic" look, but it is likely to be a few-time outfit and fussier than my usual, and is somewhat seasonally confused--the dress is thin polyester so sleeves are thin and maybe not even enough for air-conditioning, i.e. would need a topper at the theater, but I have to wear it over pants or leggings so is also not truly dressy ( as would be an actual raspberry DRESS). Also I have an outing this weekend I could wear it to, as in pic 10 but with the block heels shown in prior pics, but I don't want to cut tags just under pressure of wear it for that. My practical self says that for even a tunic, I would do better with something more versatile, long blouse or peplum or something. I know the happy color is a siren call for me, but I can't wear it that often. So my new attempting-to-reform self says to return and thank it for showing me some ideas or options.

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