LOL, mine also says I have a cat with cream fur, Jenn. If I wore less navy, it would be less of a statement.

My wardrobe says that I love nature, am very loyal (I keep my clothes for a long time), and strive to be a relaxed, easygoing person. I wear earth tones because I love them.

Well it says “hey, wear me”

Why do you wear the colours/styles/silhouettes etc.. that you do and what does it reflect/say about who you are?

it says, the owner of this closest loves classics, but she also likes a pop of trend. It says this women has taken time and care to put together her closet together. It says the owner of these clothes doesn’t want to stand out, but also doesn’t want to blend in.

I like color, navy and black. I primarily wear cotton and rayon. Color and prints makes me smile and the prints hide lumps and bumps. Navy came about because some brands use navy as their base color in spring and summer and I couldn’t find black. Cotton and rayon because I sweat too much in other materials.

I’m really enjoying reading what everyone hopes/thinks their wardrobes are communicating. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Roberta I want you to know that I do appreciate your Ted talk lol.
kkards I can identify with the “don’t want to stand out but not blend in” message.
Jenn Your wardrobe does communicate a free spiritness but I love all the other things you’d like it to express too.

UmmLila Love your wardrobe’s messaging- it’s concise and to the point.

What a fun thread! My closet says "I bet all your crayons and paints were in a jumble as a kid!", then it says "I am glad you appreciate me."

My wardrobe says: She likes lots of color, but slightly muted.
She likes jeans.
She likes knits.
She likes lightweight jackets and cardigans.
She likes to feel pretty, even if she's staying home all day or only going to the grocery store.

She likes earrings. She likes all kinds of jewelry, but these days, except for earrings, she rarely wears it.

She has a hard time finding shoes that work for her troubled feet, but she still wants variety and color.

This was a fun exercise. Lots of great posts to read.

She’s low maintenance, practical, and wash and wear.

I think I love color because it makes me feel energized and happy. I know for sure that it is also a reaction to our long dreary Winters that I hated so much since when I was a teenager.
And I think that I like practicality because I am a pragmatic person, I hate complications of all sorts. My clothes must be pretty of course but above all simple, easy to move in, no-fuss. I say, life is already enough complicated, let's simplify when possible.

My soft, flowy clothes in a variety of colors and patterns offset by lots of denim say I'm laid-back and relaxed, quiet but joyful. I came of age in the 1970s, and I'm a bohemian at heart, but I hint at it rather than broadcast it.

Right now my wardrobe is saying "for the love of God stop shopping"

Runcarla I think you forgot the word “stylish”
Sisi using colour to energize and boost spirits sounds great
ChristelJ Don’t you just love how clothes can do the talking for us.

My wardrobe would say that we are friends, it sees me through good times and bad and loves to celebrate and dress up.

Mine says, she's on the quieter side, practical, and keeps it simple and modest, but everyone once so often will surprise you so don't even try to box her in

Just what I want it to say really!

Fun thread Dee!

My wardrobe says that her owner likes both partying and exercising and working. She likes bold fun pieces and quiet practical pieces equally. Her owner keeps her tidier and in better shape than her office or her car.

She adheres to the old adage, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without," and doesn't mind when beloved items show their age. On the flip side, she can't stand to see unloved pieces languishing unworn and spends a lot of time (maybe too much?) finding new homes for things that seemed like fun experiments but didn't quite work out. She likes to be ready for anything, from leading a poetry workshop to filling a dumpster with construction debris, because there's no such thing as a typical day. But she's especially ready to spend the whole day hiking or swimming (seriously, how many swimsuits does one person need??). When asked, "Would you pick a mountain vacation or a beach vacation?" her answer is always, "Yes!"

What a great exercise; it's so fun to read all the responses. Thanks for the prompt.

LaPed Glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed your very informative response.
Thanks to all for your wonderful insights.