What a great question ! Thank you for posting it.

Kari, what an awesome post. I didn't know that you had a website, DUH.

I just figured out one year ago what I needed and worked for me. I need about 40 pieces of clothing and 4 shoes for Fall/Winter. This doesn't include outerwear - but it would get me through everything including holidays.

This would include :

jeans : straight, skinny and boyfriend
palazzo pants in black
black ponte knit pants
black skirt
1 dress in navy, black or grey
two cashmere v neck sweaters
two merino wool lightweight t shirts
blazers in navy, black and one fun color

I would need on heavy duty pair of winter boots, one short boot, one long boot and one pair of black pumps.

For Summer I could definitely be fine with 1 pair of linen pants and 10 dresses, a couple of pairs of sandals, sneakers.

Spring is relatively short here, so 15 pieces would be fine.