Thank you again, everyone, for your feedback!

I went through my gear stash and think my only real holes are:

  • a breathable rain shell (my current one is like wearing a trashbag - great in a coastal December downpour, but super sweaty over 70F),
  • a pair of water shoes (maybe... I have pool slides, but nothing for lake/kayaking),
  • a pair of long, UPF, hiking-friendly pants (my previous hiking pants were designed to accommodate a backpack and fit super low-rise on me. These will be a challenge to find...)

Ticks are a major concern around here, so I think that eliminates shorts...
Now, where to find a pair of pants with a rise higher than 7"?!?

I have really enjoyed this thread and the great items people have. I have been searching for that elusive breathable rain shell for a couple of years now. I want it to be a bit longer and have a bit of wind resistance.
For the water shoes I have a pair from Walmart - super inexpensive, but they do the trick until I find something better. So far they have worked well for rocky beaches, kayaking etc.
I agree about the ticks and longer pants. There are some convertible pants to shorts options but I haven't tried them out yet. Last summer I wore these capris (which are like angle length pants on me). They are very light weight. The only thing I didn't like were the ties at the bottom which are meant to scrunch up and make them shorter. https://www.columbiasportswear....._1658431_c

Glory - a breathable rain shell seems so contradictory, but surely there's a great one to be had. I read (way too many) reviews on outdoor gear and just ordered a "Guardian" by Outdoor Research. I will let you know how it goes.

Great post! My summer sportswear is light leggings and short sleeves tops... Once the new normal will start, I am planning to try new activities and will then add some pieces. It's so interesting to see all your sportswear!

I hope you like your OR jacket. I’ve had great luck with them over the years. 3-layer shells are definitely the way to go for comfort and durability.


And the men's version (first gen):

Jury is out on the women's - I sized up to accommodate my shoulders and the fit feels off. The jacket is hourglass shaped, and feels too snug at the bottom hem while also being boxy in the mid body and tight in the shoulders....

I do like the fit of the men's better - it is longer, and not hourglass shaped - that is good for my long torso and broad shoulders, BUT the sleeves are long and wide. It would be great for layering over other pieces (hoodie, fleece, etc), but might feel really sloppy over a simple tee shirt or thin layer.


Nemosmom, FWIW I have these UPF hiking-friendly pants and the rise on a size 6 according to the website is just over 10”. They’re very comfortable, and have a variety of inseams as well.

Thank you Silver! I always forget to check Eddie Bauer... I am off to check them out!

You’re welcome - I hope they work out for you!

Hmm, that’s frustrating! I run into the tight hips issue a lot with women’s outdoor apparel. I’m trying to think of brands with a cut that might work for you. Possibly North Face or Columbia?

I do a lot of hiking and outdoor activities year round, and I really like Under Armor’s moisture wicking tees and bras. Callie by Carrie Underwood is a nice brand for pretty athletic wear. I bought a few of her tee shirts last summer and will probably buy a few more this year. Very stylish and moisture wicking. Eddie Bauer is another favorite brand of mine. They have excellent summer and winter clothing items.