RainB - that's my challenge with working from home, too. It's so easy to succumb to the comfort of loungewear for working at home!!

Carla - thank you so much for prompting me to consider my oft-neglected lounge capsule!

@nemosmom - back at you! I could do better. Need to inject some luxe (like cashmere) and colour.

Honestly, if I'm staying in, it's the men's Puma joggers from Costco and a hoodie. It's not my best look but it's comfortable. I'd walk Oreo in it--if it was just around the block. If leaving the house to go to the grocery store, it's leggings and a tunic or jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie. I've linked what I actually wore this weekend to go out for groceries.

Hasn’t changed in a year. I have a couple black and white pattern cotton dresses and several sets of pjs, which I wear around the house, not to bed. I can’t sleep with clothes on (although I’m starting to wear socks at night when I’m cold).

I like wearing all black at home-leggings, long sleeved t's or tank tops. Cuddleduds and A New Day mostly. And furry socks. Furry socks are essential I change into them when I get home so kitty claws don't ruin my nice things!

In the cooler weather, I wear fleece leggings, denim shirt or long-sleeved tee with a fleece cardigan. I have a great pair of fleece leggings from NF that need replacing but I haven't found the right pair.

It's approaching summer where I'm from so my loungewear is all about being cool and comfy. So my current wardrobe has been a light fleece jumper, shorts, t shirts ad some track pants

I LOVE several of the elegant pajamas sets cindysmith has shown (in a comment above) and agree that they are so nice they could be worn in public.