Too many things to count! I work in retail and I found a few winter things on sale that I'm saving for next year. I recently lost some weight and replaced my basic pants in a smaller size, and they're waiting to go to the tailors for hems. I have some shoes that I need to break in, but it's always easier to choose the old ones that are comfy. I know I buy too much but it's my hobby, I could have worse vices!

I think I've cut the tags off, but not worn, a few items. An EF thin wool sleeveless too short to wear as a dress item-bought on sale at the outlet and not returnable. Trying to forgive myself as I was trying to stretch myself. Maybe I'll figure out how to wear it next year. And a fancy for me top that is too small now.
I tend to return the items I don't wear, although sometimes later than Nordstrom would prefer.

Just one blouse and a pair of sandals. It hasn't been warm enough for me to wear either.

3 things....2 are outside my normal comfort zone, and I'm still trying to decide.....and one which should be me, but is still unworn, so I'm suspecting I should just retun it....and I have one item that the tags are off, I've worn and realized I should not have.

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Two pairs of shoes - these Docs and a pair of Frye boots I shamelessly copied after seeing them on a character in Orphan Black. Trying to make a decision. Can boots be stretched vertically? They are a little shallow for my high volume feet.


Although I haven't worn these sandals yet - the tags are off.

Nothing right now. I have not made any new season purchases that I am yet to wear.

I am one of those people who wear a new piece as soon as I can, even if I am overdressed for the occasion.

Our exchange policies here are not as good as some places so if I am unhappy with something I decided in a couple of days.

I did make two off season purchases last winter - one which became a great summer addition and one that was worn once and sent on the way. I don't like thin tees, so I am not sure why I bought it (disappointed in myself). They both sat unworn for about four-five months though.

Yes- my Japan purchases.
A beautiful culotte in lined wool and a shawl-neck coat

I have a few although I have been trying very hard not to buy off season or too dressy. There is a sort of polka-dot button down from NAS with long sleeves. It was too hot to wear when I bought it, then I just wasn't reaching for buttondown shirts. I have a swim suit that has never been worn bought several years ago when I lost a lot of weight and thought I should have one. I even bought a cover-up for it. Then I have a fairly recent purchase of a long black EF jersey skirt. It was on sale and seemed the sort of thing one should have. I should see if it is still returnable.

Not as many as I thought but still more than I'd like. 2 pairs of shorts waiting for Summer. One pair of white jeans in the wash-several-times-before-hemming cycle. Two tops I bought a couple weeks ago. One pair of navy slacks I bought last Fall but never wore. I will fix that soon I hope. Only one guilt-inducing item: a gorgeous turquoise silk sleeveless blouse that I bought earlier this year. It was too big in the arm holes, but the next size down wasn't available. I thought an easy alteration on the shoulder would make it perfect, but now that it fits I'm not so sure I love it on me:-(

I'm changing out my closet right now and I found something else ... a pair of dark caramel culottes in a drapey fabric. i think I got that the end of last summer and didn't get the opportunity to wear them...

Not much, I don't think. I bought a pair of sandals this winter that I just wore for the first time the other day. And I ordered a navy dotty dress from Ann Taylor for my parents' anniversary party that I'm 75% sure I'm keeping, but I've left the tags on for now because I haven't tried the whole ensemble with shoes yet.

Once I decide to keep something I take the tags off and wash it, so I might have some washed but not worn items - I don't think so but I don't really keep track of such things. And I might have some out of season items put away in my storage bins, but usually I clean things before I put them away, so probably not.

A pair of grey lightweight wool pants. They're beautiful, but I never reach for them.

Aida, " I like to let new pieces marinate a bit ". Yes, that's exactly what I do, too, only I've never managed to articulate it so aptly. Glad I'm not the only one!

I was going to say nothing, but then I remembered a certain elegant, ladylike dress from Badgley-Mischka that was purchased to wear to the Kentucky Derby, but then we didn't go because the horse we were invited to root for ended up not qualifying.

I returned my gigantic hat, but loved the dress too much to send it back.
Plus, Angie says it's okay to keep occasion items on hand for when an occasion arises. They're not meant to be worn all the time, they're more like wardrobe security blankets, meant to stave off last-minute, "I have nothing to wear" panic.

I love Bonnie's maxi skirt. I am trying not to buy much these days. Saving up for a very expensive Sarah Pacini summer sweater.

Still have tags on the Anthro pants in peach and mint -- I've worn the blue ones. Not sure if I'll commit to the others yet, but our weather also turned cold again so opportunity to wear them has been limited.

The dresses below still have tags on. The tee dress is waiting for warmer temps. Actually, right now they all are.

Sandals are being evaluated. I like them but want to make sure they're comfortable.

I don't take off tags until the first wear.

I have a few things - a Pleione top I bought nearly two years ago and have yet to wear (it was one of those "just in case" items and it was obviously a mistake). A tencel denim shift dress that may read too "country" now that I've already removed the tags. A lovely charcoal jcrew blazer that was always just a bit too classic dressy for my real life but I still keep thinking I will wear the darn thing. I'm sure there must be one or two more things but I can't think of them right now.

Only the spring items I've purchased and can't wear yet BECAUSE IT KEEPS SNOWING. It's supposed to get up to almost 80 degrees later this week so fingers crossed....

You are not alone. I have four things, three past their return date (oops). One is a long black blazer bought for an interview that never happened but might be useful in the future. Two are body con long sleeve t's (fortunately on sale) and I don't feel body con anymore. I may wear them under (way under) things. The final is a cobalt blue sweatshirt which I bought at the end of the season and should wear next fall.

I commented before, but my problem items seem to be the ones worn only once or twice. I keep them for more dressy occasions, which are rare. I may start wearing them when I usually would dress more casually.

The only unworn item in my closet is the pair of AGL 'City' block heel sandals that I posted on a few weeks ago. It's only partly honest to say the weather's been too cold...I'm still not sure about the look on me and am perhaps too swayed by their high comfort factor.

I have four dresses that I am eager to wear, but it's been too cold here in New Hampshire.