Love this color! Not sure what the best name for it is.

Thanks for the responses! Okay, there are so many different names, and they all seem to be correct, and I’m just chuckling and shaking my head.

@MsMary - You are so smart! It didn’t occur to me to go look at the Burberry site. Durrrrrr.

@Janet - that leather jacket is gorgeous!

@Nuancedream - I’ve seen the name, Riccardo Tisci, but I am not well-acquainted with his work. I’m about to go down the Google rabbit-hole...

@April - love the sock idea!

@Rachylou - that color chart is helpful! I saved it to my phone for future reference.

@Whidbeygirl - I think I’ve seen that book mentioned somewhere here. I need to check it out!

@Gryffin - YES! The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies, ever. I watch it every time I come across it on TV, LOL.

Here are the color names, by numbers

Ink Blue - I
Periwinkle - I
Indigo Bunting - I
Lapis - I
Azure - II
Cornflower - I
Chinese Blue - I
Greek Blue - I
Royal - IIIII
Electric Blue - III
Sapphire - II
Cerulean - IIIII II

The three most mentioned colors: Cobalt, Cerulean and Royal.

I was curious, because I want try dyeing something that beautiful color, and it helps if I know a name. I don’t know what I’m dyeing just yet. I feel like I want a fine-gauge sweater and a skirt in coordinating colors.

If you were going to buy a cobalt/sapphire/cerulean piece of clothing, what would it be?


I would love to have a blouse in that colour. And a cardigan. And a dress. And a blazer. And ...

The puffer below was mine for a few winters. It was a lot of coat, but a lot of fun too! Lands’ End called it ‘Boreal Blue’, but they are the same folks that called an olive paisley dress ‘Asphergus Grey’.

I hope you find (or make/dye) something that colour, and have a whole lot of fun with it!

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ooh I love most shades of blue, but especially love that blue and cobalt and electric blue. Like Janet said, let the shops be full of that colour. My car is also that colour because it is my favourite colour!

Mary Beth, this has been enlightening, I do wonder how screen resolution has played into the responses too.

I also found this test to be interesting it never really occurred to me that we have a different number of cone cells within our eyes which determines the number of colours we can differentiate.

I would call it cerulean blue. What would I wear in that color? Not a thing because It really doesn’t suit my coloring BUT I would like a vase or lamp base in that color. It’s beautiful.

The what to call it has been answers...i just want to say that i love that middle picture -that coat has my name on it....

This is one of my favorite colors (moving just a touch further towards purple would make it my very favorite). I’d say it’s cobalt or royal blue. There is another shade of blue that is often called cobalt, but if you look at the element, this is its color. Cerulean has a tiny bit more green in it.

RoseandJoan, that’s fascinating. I know about rods & cones, but not that we have different numbers of them. I apparently see more colors than many people, and they accurately predicted that I scarcely have any yellow in my wardrobe at all! Now I want everyone to do that test before commenting on any color discussion, lol. I’m sure you’re correct that the monitors we are using affect how we see the color samples.

What items of clothing? I have a dress (at least one—one of my first posts on ylf was a pic of the nearly 20 blue dresses I had, laughing at my weakness), a sundress that color with daisies on it, a worn-out thin cotton sweater I can’t bring myself to move on, and a pencil skirt in that color. Also a backpack that looks close in this find, but is a bit brighter irl. I wanted the coat a couple years ago, but didn’t get it.

35 for me, but looking at it on tiny phone screen.
Nope I have no yellow, aside from jewelry. I don't dislike it, it's just hard to find the right shades and it works best in sheeny fabric on me.

I am not sure how to define it but I know (and love) it when I see it .

I love that colour. When I looked at your pics I called 1 and 3 electric blue ( always makes me think of a song). They are not far from cobalt to me. I say cobalt is my current favourite colour but it is really a bit of a spectrum in my wardrobe. I was so happy in the dress I wore to my daughter’s wedding that I keep looking for that. I call that cobalt and bought sapphire necklace and earrings to wear with it.
Yay for Burberry, but maybe you can find something cheaper!

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I also think that pic 2 is a slightly different colour.
I recently bought my first ever brand new car. I reluctantly sold my 30 year old Mazda MX5 red convertible, really getting a bit old. My Mazda 2 is called “Eternal Blue” a really pretty blue, Google says that’s the colour of the Mongolian sky. They didn’t have a red available, and blue is my colour of the year… happy so far. Never heard of “Eternal Blue” before

I love this discussion. I wore a dress that color to my daughters wedding. I hope there is a lot of it in retail this fall!

It’s definitely in my top three favorite colors to wear. One of the great things about it is that, to me, it looks right no matter the season — I have hot summer weather items in it, as well as winter ones. So it would seem that I cannot have too much of it! I think the only thing I don’t have in that color is shoes.

Even my car is that color, LOL!

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Such a pretty color! This is one of the dangerous cool blues that I am drawn to, but that looks dreadful on me. I had a hand-me-down silk shirt in this color from a retiring colleague; I loved it on her but ended up donating it unworn because it made me look chalky.

I needed a trigger warning before Janet’s post—good thing that ikat dress is sold out or I’d be a goner, lol! Going to go lie down now, or better yet, make myself look at some other colors to cool off. Whew!

Gorgeous colour. I will let the blue fans wear this colour. I rarely wear blue.

the first word that came to mind was cerulean.

I love seeing everybody's blue clothing, and Janet's car!

I also thought that color test was pretty cool! I had 38/39. Some of the colors appeared more defined in my peripheral vision. I also think it has to do with the amount of ambient light in the room, because if I looked toward the window and looked back at the colors, I could see them better.

When I researched it a little more (aka, checked on Wikipedia), it seems there are studies that indicate up to 50% of women have tetrachromatic vision. I wonder if this is something that is acquired, that the brain trains itself to do. Fashion, beauty, home decor industries continuously roll out new palettes, mostly marketed towards women.

I'm still chuckling over how many different names there are for those blues - and I think, therein, lies my confusion. If I Google "cobalt" or "cerulean" (or any of the names), I see a vast array of blues that aren't uniform.

I really do love these blues, and I'm keeping my eyes out for items that will fit in with my climate and lifestyle.

After that color test, my little sister and I have decided we are bees. Other than a spirit shirt for her kids’ high school, neither of us has any yellow.