Okay - here's a fun "What To Wear" challenge!

I am going in for a minor hand surgery today, and to distract myself from thinking about a writer having hand surgery (yikes!) I am focusing on what to wear.

I'm going to an out-patient facility where I will change into a gown, have the procedure, and then my husband will drive me home, all loopy. (Me - not my husband.) But I still want to look fab, natch!

I was thinking about a version of the airport outfit - some comfy pants, black converse, a cami and a hoodie. Stuff that will be easy to put on afterwards, when I'm groggy. Are yoga pants acceptable for this situation? Or should I go with microcheck? (My surgeon looks like he should have a part on "GRAY'S ANATOMY." Welcome to Los Angeles! LOL)

How about it, ladies? What would you suggest?