My workplace holiday party is coming up next week and the theme is "Wild West". I don't have much in the way of cowboy/Western wear. I was browsing eBay for ideas and found a couple of "swing dresses" and a red petticoat. They weren't very expensive so I went ahead and ordered them, figuring maybe they would work as springtime dresses without the petticoat. One of them with the floral pattern looks like it might work, but the other one (cherry pattern) doesn't look so good...what was I thinking on that one? It doesn't even look Wild West at all. I may try to have it made into a midi skirt later to salvage it. I also have a ruffle plaid shirt that I could wear with jeans or a denim skirt, but I'm not sure if that's too casual. I know a lot of the other staff really get into the themes and dress up in costume. Last year was 60's/70's and everyone went all out in groovy/psychedelic costumes but DH and I looked pretty subdued--I wore a black turtleneck and my plaid mini for a "mod" look and DH wore a white shirt and black skinny tie and a NASA pin and his retro glasses and he was a "NASA engineer" but nobody got it. I guess we were a little too subtle. This year some of them are talking about doing a "gunslinger" look and other costumes...I kinda didn't want to buy a costume, but now I'm wondering if I won't be dressed up enough again.

So which of these should I wear? Do they look "Wild West" enough and fancy enough for a party, or is there something else I should wear instead? Thanks (and any links to other options are appreciated).

1-3. Ebay floral swing dress with red petticoat and denim jacket.
4-5. Above without the petticoat.
6. Cherry swing dress (unfortunately it's too long for the petticoat)
7. Faux shearling vest, ruffle plaid shirt, denim pencil skirt (could also swap for skinny jeans). Not sure if I want to just show up in a plaid shirt and jeans though...doesn't seem dressy enough.
All of the above with my Timberland cognac boots.
9-11. Edited to add a cowgirl hat! I don't have a real one but here's one of the cheap party props from DD's last birthday party at a horse farm. And a leather belt that looks vaguely cowgirlish (turned it backwards with the floral dress).

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