We are experiencing some glorious weather here. The whole month of September we had summer temperatures, and it seems it will last at least until middle of the October. It is nicely warm and sunny, between 25C and 28C during the day, but with cooler mornings and nights. This is actually my favorite weather except that I am not sure how to dress for it
My summer dresses and skirts feel wrong and inadequate, especially in the morning when I leave for work and need layers, and my fall wardrobe is too warm and not appropriate later in the day. But I am inpatient to wear something different since I haven’t been shopping for a while now, and was wearing my summer outfits on repeat and I am somewhat tired of them. And I am steadily gaining weight so my wearable wardrobe is shrinking but I am trying to make do with what still fits but it is also making my options even more limited.
Do you have any advice of how to dress when seasons and temperatures are not aligned and when you also feel little tired of your current limited options?
Most of my wardrobe is currently either too summery, too warm or too tight:)
Maybe some fall shopping is in order?