Hi everyone,

So a little background: I currently edit secondary-level English textbooks at an educational publishing company. I used to be an English teacher, so naturally I got picked to do a roleplay presentation for our textbook launch at the end of this month (blah, lol).

I watched last year's roleplay, & the Sales team essentially played themselves talking to English teachers (played by my editorial colleagues) about the problems they face in the classroom, & how to solve them (using our books of course, lol). I'm going to be doing the Sales role in the roleplay, but then I will also be talking to the teachers face-to-face afterwards, addressing their questions at the various booths & stalls that we'll have up.

My question is, how should I dress in order to fill both roles on the day? I need to look professional but also approachable, since I'll be talking to secondary school teachers directly but also doing a 'fun' scripted roleplay on stage. So I feel like the usual rules for public speaking at conferences etc don't apply here - I wore all black to last year's launch (when I was just answering questions) & it seems like that was too harsh (I felt like more of a waitress given my age lol, & I noticed from photos afterwards that speakers in just black were often drowned out by the backdrop glare of the presentation projector & the overhead lights). I think the lights will make us sweat, but I still want to be relatively covered up because the AC will likely be on too.

So many things to consider! Any tips would be greatly appreciated


Added some photos of things I've worn recently to give you an idea of my usual comfort zone & style. The last few photos (photo #12 onwards) are a couple of items that I'm considering wearing on the day - either the trousers with heels or the floral midi skirt. Thoughts?

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