Small satchel for everyday, cross body for travel, clutch for evenings or dressy occasions.

I don't carry much with me so I prefer a small bag, which is sometimes a challenge as big bags seem to still be going strong in stores.

I feel like an outlier, in that satchels feel much too prim and structured for me. I like totes, crossbodies, and clutches (I often toss a clutch into my tote and pull out just the clutch for a quick run into a store or restaurant.)

I am with Jenn; satchels don't float my boat. At 5' 1", I feel like most bags over power me. I much prefer hands-free, and those clip on straps don't really stay on my shoulder. The small hobo and mini-bucket hold a surprising amount, but I often need to carry a tote as well. I've decided that clutches will get more use from me if they have a wristlet, but I haven't yet taken my silver one for a spin. Until then, it's on probation.

Btw, I wouldn't recommend a full size bucket bag unless you use a purse organizer; they don't have pockets or dividers so can become A Big Black Hole.

I really like satchels. I picked one up from Cambridge Satchel Company recently and love it - it has an academic chic look, and is very sturdy.

I used to like crossbody bags but they actually bother my back so I've all but stopped using them. My favorite now is a satchel for everyday use, and a clutch for going out.

For walking out with the dog, I like a waist purse/belt purse. I hook the leash to the belt and then can carry a coffee, lol.

For going to work, I like a tote, but last week found a clutch with handles cut in. Smaller and can't hold lunch but less of a hassle to store at work.

For shopping, I like a crossbody shopper.

But for style, my favorites are a Queen Mum and a satchel.