I just looked online at a company called "Everything But Water". I've seen the retail store in a mall near me. Online there is a LOT of really nice stuff, in different "collections". Some is quite pricey and some more reasonable. If anyone else is in the market for this type of stuff you might check it out, I certainly plan to.

p.s. Thanks RunCarla for sharing your vaca capsule! Love those colors and it looks very tightly edited and well curated like the rest of your wardrobe.

I wear this rash guard from title nine, although I guess it's not really what you are looking for. I tried on the one kkards mentioned from athleta and also really liked it.

I like mine because it zips up-no awkward pulling over the head when wet. I took it to the beach last year and I ended up wearing it in the ocean a lot even though it was hot- better protection than just sunscreen. I wore a big scarf/sarong for walking around.

I also sometimes wear this dress for going to the pool with the kids. It's quite versatile.

Ohh--there was an Everything But Water in Tampa! Really nice stuff, and the store I went to (once) had very knowledgeable salespeople. Unfortunately, I didn't see any "more reasonable" prices in the store.

Thanks Julie

Fashintern, I haven't checked the prices in the store, but did see a few cover-ups for under $75 online. I also saw a lot online at much higher price points...some of those fabrics and prints were really lovely. I haven't really done enough looking to tell which price ranges are most prominent.

I have no doubt that the store I was in would "specialize" in their pricier things--because of the store's location in the mall, and the mall's location in the city.

To me swimwear coverups/post swim fall into a few categories:
Beachy glam-the sarong or sleeveless dress variety, add metallic sandals This is assuming you've already dried off.

Throw on and go- when heading home from the pool and don't feel like changing cause its 95 degrees out. Swim skirt, mesh, or otherwise chlorine proof.

Water sports (SUP, SUP yoga, kayak or the like)- I use a skort and matching tank (finds), optional bikini underneath.

Post swim cozy (capsule in progress)- something comfy and loose to put on after doing laps when its cold and you don't want to put workwear back on.

Just adding - yes to a colour or pattern if you are like me!! I have ruined two white ones with sunscreen (I no longer buy that clear stuff that sprays on but that is the culprit). I do think a pattern is easier....

Suntiger - that's a great way to categorize them. You sound like you know what you are talking about....

and yes Sal, the patterned idea sounds much more sensible to me.....

I like a plain coverup so it does't clash with whatever suit I am wearing. A few years ago I got a tee-shirt dress similar to this for a cruise and it worked to get me from the ship to the beach just fine. Haven't worn it since but I expect to in January when we go again

Thanks RobinF, great suggestion, a tee dress would be great.

Maxi strapless terry cloth dresses, a la the 90s... lol, which is *like* the last time I hung out at a pool...

I have waaaay more cover ups than I really need for my lifestyle. It's very much a dream lifestyle thing. What I use depends on where I am. I am bringing this J Crew tunic one one to Asia with me (we will go to the beach in Thailand), along with a white linen button down that I can also use as a cover up for temples in Thailand & Cambodia.

I am also bringing swim shorts and a rash guard, also in Finds, for water sport type days.

I usually wear one of DH's no longer used big cotton short sleeved shirts I have a white and a chambray type blue - they are long enough on me to cover my bottom and lightweight easy for the heat. But I'm VERY casual.

This isn’t a vacation wardrobe, but more when I’m en route to the lake or my apt pool, or on the way back and don’t want to walk through the courtyard or parking lot in just my suit, or while reading and sitting poolside. *grin*

I wear either:

An inexpensive cotton maxi dress that I picked up a couple years ago from Cost Plus World Market.

A hip length colorful kimono-style cotton robe.

Why: Light, dries easily, don’t cry if something happens to it, comfy and easy to throw on.

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Hah Rachylou, I had one of those terrycloth strapless dresses too, with an elastic waist, in bright yellow. I think I bought it on my very first trip to Florida...somewhere in the 80s probably. It was totally useless in my normal life and I never wore it again!

Christina F...I really like that Jcrew tunic one, I didn't realize they sold stuff like that! A linen shirt would be good too if it was long enough...

texstyle that's a great idea, in fact I see a LOT of shirts like that at thrift stores, mostly in pretty good condition.

Kari those are great choices.

Suntiger, your cover-ups sound like they are about form, not function. I am sure you are as lovely as ever in them, but please be careful of your skin! I know it's darker than mine, so it probably doesn't burn much, but melanin does not protect from melanoma or other cancers.