First, sorry I haven't been participating on the Forum much recently. I'm trying to figure where, if anywhere, I want to go from here with my style--my place of "I have enough", as Carter recently posted about. I may do a post about it.

But anyway...this evening I'm going out with a couple of girlfriends to supper followed by a jazz concert. The concert is in a cool, old restored building downtown, with a large upstairs ballroom where the concert will be. Wooden floors, exposed beams--that sort of decor.

I want to dress in something that's at least a tiny bit hip (a tiny bit might be as hip as I'm capable of getting!) but am extra challenged because it's bitter cold and snowy today and I may have to walk a few blocks from the car to the venue. Also, the room itself might be drafty and chilly, and I really have a low tolerance for feeling cold.

My most practical winter go-to's are my black puffer and "sensible" boots. I suppose neither of these will help with my quest for a tiny bit of "hip." ☺

I suppose I should also leave my wool turtlenecks home and wear a top with a lower-cut neckline, right? I have the Banana Republic black fringed blazer. Maybe that, a non-turtleneck, non-wool top, and...hmmm...what kind of pants? Flare jeans? (I could sneak a thermal layer under them.)

Below are some recent acquisitions. I have the NYDJ ponte pants in slate grey. Because I'm tall, they fit me like ankle pants.

Of course, I have plenty else in my closet too--if you offer general suggestions, I can hopefully find items which will work.

Okay, please help this cold, non-hip, midwest, middle-aged chick find her inner tiny bit of hip!