(Taken from another thread - thanks for suggestions and thanks to those who responded there)

I am off to a client Christmas Party on Friday. I have to drive five hours to get there and stay overnight - I am not going alone but with two others. It's in a hangar in a small coastal town and will have important people there in our field, and I think there will be lots of photos. It will be male dominated - mostly people in company polo's or tech start up gear. I will do a quick change after the drive but won't get a shower prior to the event. Keep in mind it is summer for me.

I am thinking the palazzo pants - would they work with my Eileen Fisher Sport Wedges? Or should I stick to platform sneakers? I could wear a dress but I feel like pants or trousers are more the vibe than a floral dress? I think heels will be too fussy for the environment - I think the tan sandals are too earthy for the pants which are more glam? My shoe choices are below.

If I don't wear this I have added a couple of other options below. The jumpsuit would be perfect but I think it's too worn-out /old for a client event. The other dresses could work with flats? It is in a hotter part of the country so I need something that works without a topper. But who knows, I will take something in case it gets cooler at night.