My Ugg Cortonas, Gididio boots, and patent Topshop booties are my besties and pretty much all I've worn all winter. Haven't yet needed real snow boots although it's finally snowing.

Knee-high boots in general. Discovering that I could wear them with a skirt or over jeans was a revelation!

Well, most of them WOULD have to be pried from my cold, dead fingers, given that I've purged most of what isn't working. That said, here are my current faves...most are workhorses, the sequined oxfords, not so much.

I have no problem discarding clothes that I haven't worn but my shoes...I'm a shoe hoarder. If I had to pick my absolute favorites I'd have to say my driving moccasins which I wear year round and my Frye riding boots that have a tiny heel on them in cognac because I put them with everything.

I can't even answer this question! I would grab a large rolling suitcase, stuff it full of shoes, booties and boots and flee!