Tracey- there it is, love the color-perfect with snow!

I' looking forward to trying out my NAS purchases and wearing sweaters and scarves. Today was cool enough for an unlined elbow length cotton jacket, so we have a ways to go but it can go from how to fridge with no inbetween.

Making progress, Joy. I bet your excited to wear your NAS purchases...I didn't have Any this year:(

This is a very hard question! So many things I loved from last year ..... from sweater dresses to necklaces to parkas ......

Laura-your a lucky lady with so many favorites. Should prove to be a fun Fall for u!

My warm plaid wool scarf!

What a fun thread! I love a change of seasons for bringing out new looks.

We are finally past the really hot weather and I couldn't be happier! I love fall, both the weather and the wardrobe! I am excited to wear my new fall things (NAS plus lots more!) of course but from my existing wardrobe, I can't wait to wear all of my BOOTS and my cashmere sweaters.

Hmmm-- my boots and my beanies and leather jackets. I'm already wearing all but one of my cotton jackets. Wearing my tencel shirt and my jeans. I may not get to wear my heaviest sweater and my wool slacks because of the move. Excited to wear my two sweaters and ponte pants, but those are NAS (new). Most of last year's winter wardrobe is gone because of bust-size changes or wear and tear (had a 22 item capsule wardrobe+shoes/accessories and my coat). Can't wait to rejuvenate what is left with some fresh tops/toppers and shoes.

Elle, wow, a 22 piece capsule! I'm curious how that felt.

Susie, excited to see your new things in action!

Carole-- for my climate, it wasn't bad. I had 6 tops (plus 3 layering tees), 3 jackets, a cardi, a sweater, and 3 pair of jeans, plus dress slacks, a dress, cargo pants for weekends, and two dressy tops (lighter weight and turtle). I got lots of variety through layering and having 4 pairs of boots and a pair of sneakers (4 colors of footwear). In the winter I can wear pants a couple times before washing, and toppers. However, I wore out two flannel shirts, the tees, the cardigan, and another top. I have one pair of jeans that are now weekend jeans only, as well and I wore through my sneakers. I also had to be extremely mindful of laundry because it had to be done either 2-3 times a week or once a week on the dot while wearing gear. There was a time or two I had to wear a gear layering tee under a jacket to work-- which was okay where I worked, but not for most people. Plus, you get invited out for dinner on friday night and you are wearing your work clothes or whatever you have clean at the end of the week. For summer I did 18 pieces-- it didn't go as well, since our AC at work had issues most of the summer and I was washing every item after one wear. I think that at least 1.5 weeks worth of clothes a season is the magic number for me, plus occasional clothing. That way there are no laundry emergencies! (the SO wears a uniform so we have to do laundry at least once a week).

This is a really ingesting question. I read it, didn't think of anything specific, then went through my style book outfits from last year. Still nothing pops out.

Does this mean I love everything? or does it mean (heaven forbid) that despite spending a bloody fortune last year, I still don't have a wardrobe I love? Or maybe I'm just forgetting... I haven't got my fall/winter clothes out yet.

I can say I am looking forward to wearing my EF skirted leggings... I got them at the tail end of last season so they never really got much of an outing.