Sara B.'s comment: Yes!
I don't count, have a very big wardrobe, not even counting my to be sold eventually storehouse, don't thrift underwear, socks or bras (or bathing suits which I rarely buy). I would say of the rest over 90% is second hand. I buy new shoes occasionally (up to 3/year I'd say) when I have a very specific need or want, never buy new bags (one new one was a birthday gift and even that is quite old), have not bought a new coat or jacket in years, can't remember buying a sweater or top new in the last few years, will occasionally try new jeans but rarely take them home, never buy new trousers or skirts or dresses (since my son's bar mitzvah 4+ years ago). Sorry for the ramble Carla, but your question hit home !

39% here, for clothes. 56% if only counting tops and toppers. I just have a couple each of thrifted jeans and outerwear. Also 6/9 of my scarves are thrifted. I always buy shoes new.

0%. I have a hard enough time finding stuff that fits at retail; there's hardly anything my size in thrift stores. So it's really not worth the time investment to search through all the racks. The odd couple of times I did buy, I regretted it later and re-donated the item.

I suppose I could get handbags at a thrift store, but I'm not one to have a lot of bags. Same with jewelry and other accessories.

About 5%-7% (depending on whether I count belts/ scarves etc.). It's not easy to find items in my size/ style.

I would like to purchase more bags second-hand, as well as some jackets & toppers, and occasion wear -- as those are the area where I'm likely to have most success.

Over 50%, maybe 75% of my closet is second hand. I often see that I am wearing an entire second hand outfit. Last Sunday was one of those days. I even have a couple of consignment shop Chantal bras that I treasure. I have several pairs on second hand shoes and some bags. I try hard not to buy things just to have them end up in a land fill.
Someone recently asked me if I minded wearing used clothes. Of course not. I have spent all of my younger years wearing handed down clothing or occasionally an item remade from old clothes or flour sacks. Literally at my grandmother’s knee I learned to darn socks. My sister-in-law bought thrift shop sweaters for the yarn and unravele
d them and rolled it in balls to knit new sweaters and scarves. Everyone quilted. Old torn or stained items were cut into quilt pieces. Old leather from shoes was used to make razor straps to sharpen men’s razors or to use to cover tool handles for a better grip. Nothing went into the trash. My grandmother had a business selling excess house and garden plants and tulip bulbs. Corn cobs were burned to heat the cooking stove and warm the house in winter. The family “ curse” is that everything must be kept and be reused. These people lived in a world before plastic and polyester,. One grandmother remembered both the invention of the automobile and man walking on the moon. They were truly the greatest generation. Coming to a new country where they knew no one, living in a “ home” dug into the prairie dirt with snakes coming through the roof. I feel lazy and unworthy.

About 80-90% of my clothes are from ebay, thrift or given to me. I'm small so am usually the recipient of clothes that no longer fit my friends and co-workers.
On ebay I can search by size, and it's much easier to find petites there than rifling through racks at Goodwill or thrift stores where clothes aren't arranged by size.
All of my coats and jackets are second hand except for one. Coats are big ticket items for my budget, so I love getting them cheap, or free.

At the moment, %20. But this is very untypical for me. I was in the US last year, and lived in an area with excellent second hand shops, and I shopped a lot on Poshmark. Over here, we hardly have any second hand shops, it is not the norm. Things get passed down to those who need them.

Over 90%!! Of that, I'd say 50% truly thrifted (Goodwill, America's Thrift, rummage sales, etc.), and 50% just "second hand" (consignment shops, ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, etc). Even my household items are largely second hand (inherited, antique stores, thrifted, consignment, yard sales, Craigslist). And, though my "stuff" is not as cohesive as is ideal, everything makes me truly, truly happy!

Likely less than 1%. I’m really picky about secondhand stuff — a lot of the clothes I see in local thrift and consignment shops have more wear than I would like, they aren’t my style, or the good stuff is not my size. I have a BR coat purchases secondhand about 8 years ago. Maybe 4 handbags. One pair of boots, and a belt. A couple of scarves, and some vintage jewelry. A very small part of my wardrobe. I won’t count it out and occasionally pop into the local shops just to see what’s there, but usually leave empty-handed.

Huh. There was a time when I would have said 95%, but at the moment I think it might be just 5%.

After more than one recent move, I haven't yet found the secondhand stores I most prefer. I'm about to consign a handful of items, though, so maybe the local consignment store will turn out to be a gem.

You know what, Joy? That’s inspiring!

Currently 0%. It's been a bit higher in the past (maybe 5% tops), but all thrifted items have since been decluttered because I just wasn't wearing them.

Thrifting for me is like digging through the sales racks. I spend so much effort that I refuse to leave the store empty handed. (Sunk cost fallacy, but the cost is my time). And look, it's such a bargain! So I wind up making purchases that are less than wise and wind up orphans. Call it thrifting goggles.

I still like browsing through my local thrift store when I'm downtown, I just don't ever buy anything as I'm now super super picky and remind myself of all the thrifted orphans that got decluttered.

In main working wardrobe, only one item, red vintage shoes. In dress-ups, quite a lot more.
Dad’s sleeveless knitted vests x3, and Mum’s 1964 coat. Also wondering about returning a couple of thrifted items back into main wardrobe instead of consigning them.
Quite a bit of inherited jewellery. Great-grandmother’s silver bracelet from her 1886 wedding photo. I wore it to my own daughter’s wedding.

Many wise words here. Joy, that's very inspiring indeed. I think of Dolly Partons "Coat of Many Colours"!
Shiny, that is a major issue for me. I tend to go crazy when thrifting, and this may be the reason.

O%. I talked big about taking advantage of the many second hand shops in Berlin last year, and got lots of good advice from you & others on YLF. But when I pause to admire things on sidewalk racks, my first question is always “do they have it in my size?” Then a gong sounds and I get yanked offstage.

There is still hope. Peeking in, I can see that many of them have very well-defined categories set up. My wish list for this year is in general categories that might work out well with those arrangements, so when I am ready to buy, I might just check out a few of the second hand shops.

Hmm... I haven't done a count, but I'd estimate 10% as well. I'd really like to get into thrifting more, but I don't have the time and energy these days for it. When I do go I find amazing pieces, but it can be exhausting, so I only do it on occasion.

I don’t have a percentage. For clothes, it’s probably low. For shoes, it’s 0 percent. For bags, it’s really high, probably 80 percent or higher.

Almost all my scarves are thrifted. Maybe half my dresses. No shoes - there's a squick factor with shoes that I can't get over. Maybe about 25% of sweaters and tops. I used to have several pants and skirts but I don't have any currently and haven't been shopping in months.

What Kari said. I only have a few secondhand accessories in my wardrobe, and those were passed down from my mom. I have started searching specific secondhand marketplaces for my size in brands I know will fit me, but haven't had a lot of luck yet.

I would say probably 30-50% of my wardrobe is thrifted or hand me downs. I enjoy thrifting but go in spurts. Summer before last I went weekly and found tons of stuff. I work more these days and unfortunately have less time for thrifting and haven't been in months.

That would be a big fat 0% for me. However, I did discover a store that looks promising, so that might change in 2020!

Put me down with Shiny. Thrifting goggles. Really hard to find my size since I need Petite sizes for the most part. My largest percentage of mistakes comes from secondhand stuff. That being said, I am at this minute wearing a pair of jeans from Goodwill. A few years ago I made a trip there to buy bell bottoms or flares to make raw edged cropped kick flares as I couldn’t see spending real money on them. These ended up replacing the pair I had which I ended up hacking.

Mine used to be in the 33-50% range a few years ago. But I realized that I was buying a lot of things I didn’t need because they were cheap and secondhand. So I cut back, and then my favorite online second hand shop closed (RIP Twice), and then I moved to an area with minimal secondhand options. Now I’ve moved again, so I’d actually like to check some options out, but I haven’t yet.

What I’ve got left from my previous thrifting era is a pair of boots, a couple of coats and some scarves, and one handbag.

This is an interesting question! Not counting gear or everyday undergarments/socks/hosiery, I'd say 80% of my closet was purchased via secondhand/intermediary sellers: eBay, Poshmark, Goodwill, local consignment, and FurKids (a local thrift store that supports no-kill animal shelters).

Of these purchases, at least 65% was new with the tags still on. The remaining 30% or so appeared to be unworn or maybe worn once and cleaned or laundered. The remainder is true antique/vintage, dating from the 1910s to 1990s. I have a blouse that is 100 years old, that I will occasionally wear.

That's 80% of my wardrobe. The remaining 20% is split between items that I purchased new, or vintage and antique items I've inherited or been gifted.

About 14% of my closet is thrifted, excluding scarves and jewelry... The percentage would be higher except that I have such a large wardrobe (about 50 pieces out of a closet of ~350.) Probably another 20 or so thrifted scarves, and another 10 jewelry pieces, so 70 thrifted pieces in general. I have thrifted much more in the past couple of years, but because I tend to keep my clothes for such a long time, it is still a small percentage of my overall wardrobe. Phot attached of some of the pieces I have thrifted.

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I don’t have an exact number, but I would guess between 10% and 25%. 0% of underwear, hosiery, shoes, and layering items like long-sleeved tees, camis, and leggings, but a much higher percentage of tops, toppers, jeans, and trousers. I don’t really shop “thrift” shops like Goodwill, but do a fair amount of consignment and eBay shopping.

0%. I would like very much to have hand-me-downs. No need to go shopping (I hate it) and pretty things for free. Unfortunately all my friends are a different body type/height/taste than me. Sooner or later I will try to thrift.

Maybe 25%.

This has increased since I started using Thred is like trading clothes