So I haven't had much time to be on YLF lately (new business venture in
addition to existing one) but I have been visiting on/off and thinking
a lot more carefully about my purchases these days. I'm often tempted
to get something just because I see an image and think I like it - the
color, the "idea" of it, etc. but I've gotten much better at
rationalizing it and reminding myself that I have a lot of items I love
already in my closet that don't get worn that often as it is.YLF has helped immensely in that regard.

I really had the "itch" for those leopard SE print slip ons Suz got
recently - even tried them in 2 sizes - but the design just wasn't made
for my foot shape and they didn't work, though they looked so cute. In
a past time I would have bought them anyway (mistake) and been
uncomfortable wearing them. Now I know better and am waiting for the
*right* ones for me.

This year has been a great one for the graphic tee and I have added
several to my closet as I have the lifestyle where these work really
well for me on a regular basis. It's not exactly high fashion, but it's
fashion that works for me right now.

Slip on shoes have also been key - I have a couple different versions
of the UGG slips ons in white, and a light and dark stripe (the dark is
for fall so not worn yet). I also waited for the same style to come
back in the cognac suede in my size and I'm looking forward to wearing
them in cooler temps this fall/winter.

I've added a couple of dressier tees too - a jcrew navy one with
embellishments that look like stars almost - not something I would have
normally picked, but I actually love it and it works for my casual
daily wear.

I know, I'm just rambling but thought I'd share since it might be of help to other YLF members to read.