It's so interesting to read all these replies. I've been reading some minimalist blogs lately that really encourage purging but it's good to see both sides of the story; both the positives and negatives of purging. It makes me want to be more thoughtful when I purge.

I was about to get rid of some Stuart Weitzman black patent booties but as I look around, I've seen black patent coming back up for this fall/winter. I think I'll hold onto them for a while longer.

As for regrets, I got rid of a tunic sweater in the perfect shade of light gold that looked great with my hair/complexion. It's one of those colors that is really hard to find. It was about 10 years old but would be great to have now.

I got rid of a pair of Frye boots I bought in 1976. Regret getting rid of them, as I'm sure my daughter would have worn them now. As for me, my feet grew with each pregnancy it seemed.

Sure I have some regrets. Mostly fringe trends that failed to gain traction. Patchwork jeans are an example. Owned mine for 2 years then got tired. This morning I see on Rachel Zoe's blog that they're a top 6 denim trend. But it's all good. I don't actually regret the purge. I need to purge more.

I purged a pair of dressy low heeled boots that fit my calf to perfection and were quite comfortable. They were a pointy toe and I hadn't worn them for a year but I don't get dressed up often and thought they were dated. Super sad -still makes me a little queasy thinking about it:(