Anne, Cue regularly does go on sale too, so that is definitely a good strategy, recently they had a 15% off in store event for one day only.

If you like something but want to wait for it to go on sale, it will first go on sale to 30% off, I usually pounce then as my size usually disappears after that reduction. They then drop prices to 50% off.

Cue does give a Membership 10% discount to certain customers with a Black card - but you need to spend $2,000 annually to qualify for that.

I pay full price for something special, assuming it falls into what I consider an appropriate price point.
And for shoes even when I consider them overpriced, as I am a challenge to fit.
Most of my clothing success is outlet or Talbots sale. I just waited for the 30% off sale and ordered my size in store to avoid shipping charges.
I also pay full price if I think the price is fair and in my range.