My black loafers got compliments. I think the mirrors behind the heels caught people’s eyes.

A neighbor here has called me “chic” a couple times.

The shoe compliments were from random people I’d never see again and the neighbor doesn’t have any influence in my life that I know of. I’m fine with them, would probably also be ok with compliments from a pharmacist or a cashier. But if a person has any more involvement in my life than that, I’d prefer they not comment on my appearance.

Exceptions to the above:
-things I have absolutely no control over, like my eye color or my birthmark (several Black guys have told me it’s cool that it looks vaguely like Africa. It is how I learned to tell left from right, and is enough a part of me that I was hurt when my mother suggested having it removed towards the end of my teen years.)
-things I have been working hard to control, from people doing the same kind of work, who have been there commenting on what I’m doing. For this group to compliment what I’m wearing or a fitness group to compliment muscles in my back, if we ever see them again, would be to compliment my work, and I’m happy to hear those.

La Ped, those pants made me smile. I can see being ok with compliments on something that so intentionally steps out of the norm (which, actually, seems to be a lot of the items mentioned here) or something like Suz’s shirts that invite comment. In those cases, the comment is as much or more on the wearer’s decision as on their appearance.

Fabulous shoes and a fun thread to read.
Historically the most compliments have been for my eyes, my smile and my hair.
In the Oldie, but Goodie category, my red cowboy boots are the front runners. The most recent compliments have been for my plaid Burberry trench.

Re:shoes compliments- my husband does say that I’ve ( possibly unintentionally) taught him that above the neck or below the knee are OK to compliment a woman on: so earrings or shoes

Honestly - pretty much nothing ha! I'm okay with that - I'm one of those people who'll hear "nice shoes" and think "Why, what's wrong with them?" lol! (Enneagram 6, if anyone is into the Enneagram haha).

I am good with blending rather than standing out, so I guess lack of compliments means I am achieving my goal!

People admire the earrings my husband purchased for me on one of our early dates. In general, items like my ivory boots and my earrings, which both have a combination of femininity and "badass" are the pieces that garner the most compliments.

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I am amazed at how often notice s d comment on my footwear. Below are a couple pair that never fail to gain compliments.

I wear bright colours and items with quirky details - so it is not uncommon for people to comment on what I am wearing. I find it an easy ice-breaker in meeting new people. I would say my dresses, bags and shoes are most often commented on and the item that has gotten the most compliments are my white boots - they go with everything, bookend my hair and are distinctive.

These get comments every time I wear them. I don't LOVE getting compliments on things when I'm in front of the public like I am in job#2 (depends on who is delivering said comment) , but when I'm working in my home decor/fashion/giftware job, it's good.

I have a banana republic sweater from a couple of years back in a gorgeous, vibrant peacock blue (tough shade to accurately describe) that always gets compliments - I think it’s because my eyes have a colour shifting effect between blue, green and grey and the sweater highlights that somehow. I also love different, sometimes bold jewelry and it often gets compliments. I do find that when I wear things that make me feel confident, compliments are more likely. Fun thread! Thanks.

FashIntern, where I work it is pretty much verboten to comment on appearances. Academia...Of course, I wind up blurting out compliments as I have a strong response to color—Enneagram 7 here, torontogirl.

Ophelia, ennea-high five!! (incidently, my wing lol!!)