Bijou, Kim Novack is definitely the perfect muse for you! I can see you in her entire outfit! I am too moody and fickle to stick to any one HEWI for long, but right now I am hunting for a plaid pants suit and a light blue structured bag. Caveat - I am only looking in person at second hand shops!

I’ll keep an eye out for white coats. I agree that white would be fab for you.

My HEWI was a silver bag. Bags are hard enough (what works for me might not work for you), but then I found it - Furla Capriccio Tote! And it’s lovely.

My newest HEWI is a Blackwatch Tartan coat. Here is the new Duchess Meghan wearing an especially nice one (Burberry).

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You know... I don't have a HEWI right now! That's a first. I found my dream cowboy boots, finally. I found a denim midi skirt just last week after trying every one I came across.

I love the thrill of the chase so I'm sure I'll fill this void somehow.

Oh, I just remembered!! My very specific HEWI is neon green gloves or arm warmers, in thick fluffy wool. I may have to knit my own.

You know, Bijou, I don't think I have a HEWI at the moment? I think suitable bronze shoes were a HEWI for a number of months. Since I got them and am waiting to wear them I'm all good for now. That white coat would be perfect for you.

Really interesting that items that are seemingly basics - a classic coat, the perfect swimsuit, the right white shirt or dress, the right boots.... are so elusive. I thought I was just being very picky in looking for a white coat for 2 years and never finding it. It is probably because I am quite specific about the sort of coat I want.

TG - you make me laugh as I don't think you could look like death in anything! However, finding a flattering taupe can be a challenge due to to different tones and base colours in taupe.

It is heartening to hear that in many cases it is worth waiting for the perfect item. Peri and Jenni NZ - so glad you waited until the right item appeared. Carla, I hope that the Uniqlo dress works, as it looks gorgeous.

Angie - I remember a Tiffany blue coat being on your list for 2018, hopefully 2019 is the year!

Bijou - I have too bigs HEWI's. The black velvet frock coat. I did buy the Theory power jacket for 40% off. I do well with Theory jackets and the style is my classic. It was a good way to scratch the velvet itch and see if I would really wear a more dramatic frock coat or is this an aspirational style. If I can't make this work, then velvet is out for me. My other HEWI is the perfect soft white tux shirt. It cannot be stiff cotton. It must be soft, cotton preferred, not transparent with a pleated or ruffled bib and small wing collar. Almost all are transparent and stiff. I had the perfect one from AT years ago and wore it to rags. I bought the JCrew shirt but it's stiff and I have the A&O Arminda but it's silk, fragile and uber dressy and there are report of cleaners refusing to even try and clean it due to the pearl buttons and intense ruffles. It's for super dress and babied. I want one that can be a workhorse. So I continue to look. I'd take it in black too if I could find it.

BTW gorgeous white coat. I'll keep eyes peeled. Perfect for your style!

Gryffin - if Cue do a black velvet version of my frock coat, you will be the first to know. I don't wear mine a lot, simply because it is more of a dressy piece than what I wear to work. However when I do, I enjoy it very much. It has longevity and does not have to be a workhorse.

Your Theory jacket is beautiful and a great pick, Theory is such great quality. I also love your white tux shirt, but can see that you silk one is very delicate and could not be a workhorse.

Oh, so many! A Breton long sleeve tee with the right neckline and the right navy. A Breton tank, ditto. A black knit tank with just the right cut. A white woven tank that is not too sheer and is very simple in style but made with embroidered fabric.

I've been looking for that last one for probably 7 or 8 years now. I have a very clear picture of it in my mind and it would complete soooo many summer outfits but nothing I've seen in real life even comes close.

Hmm, for a long time it was a simple casual midi length, long-sleeved solid dark color (most likely black) dress for fall/winter — something simple but with some detail that makes it a bit more edgy or distinctive without being overly trendy. I’ve given up on that, and given up on winter dresses in general.

But I do have another one. I had a metallic convertible clutch/crossbody that I wore to death. It’s kind of beat up, but it’s in my holding zone because sometimes I’ll dig it out for travel. It’s the perfect largish size to hold what I need and nothing more, it dresses up if needed but doesn’t look silly with an ultra casual outfit, it is flat and lightweight and easy to pack when I travel, and a neutral muted metallic that’s kind of a dark platinum color, so it mixes with other metallics well.

For the life of me, I can’t seem to find a good replacement. Everything seems too blingy or shiny or heavy, or a bright cool silver, which I like but is not quite what I want for this purpose.

Exactly Bijou - but a black velvet frock coat and I'm hoping cue comes through and thanks for looking out for me, would be a forever piece. I would make it it's own shrine and figure out places to wear it!

Jessikams, I like the way you think! With an unlimited budget, yes, I might do that (also because I basically live in Siberia, that would also be kind of practical). But I do have my puffer wardrobe covered, and I want more of a traditional coat for when I want a little glamour and elegance, although I still like loud, hence the leopard. I am hoping since leopard was so huge this year that we see some more neutral animal prints next year, and then I could get lucky with something really unusual, like giraffe! A girl can hope!

Slim black cigarette pants. I’ve been looking for years and despite the being pretty ubiquitous at retail have never found a pair that works for me. Pear shaped hips + skinny ankles + fabric sensitivities have made every pair I’ve tried not work.

I spent the better part of a year searching for the perfect fitted, ribbed turtlenecks and finally found them last September.

My other long-standing search is a versatile, dressy, non-black ankle boot. They need to be low-heeled (no higher than 1.5"), not suede, roomy in the toes and not too pointed, slightly higher shaft (a lot of booties hit right at or over the ankle bone and I don't like the proportions that gives me), and not completely smooth on the bottom (though I'm open to adding treads to a leather sole). Navy or a dark metallic would be my top choices. Shoes involve so many criteria that finding the right one can be really difficult!

Gorgeous white coat! Mine is one of those super simple ones- black knee height boots, leather-lined, 2” heel. That fit through both the calf and the ankle.

Bijou, that white coat looks so glamorous and at the same time simple and relaxed. Don't give up! Hopefully you will find it some day, perhaps when you least expect it.

For several years, I had a dream of an offwhite cape with black piping. Didn't find until once I was in London and just going sightseeing, not shopping. Suddenly, I turned my head and there it was--hanging in a window in a shop on the other side of the street! I immediately ran over to try it--the one in the window was actually the only one they had--and it proved to be perfect and not even expensive!

My HEWI this winter: one or more soft, long-sleeved midi-length (at least covering the knees) turtleneck sweater dresses that don't cling to my body and don't move around but stay in place. A white one would be lovely and would be my favourite. A grey one would be welcomed to. And if possible, it would be great to get a non-neutral one as well. I just don't find them--those that I find are too short, uncomfortable or plain/boring/cheap looking.

Seems like my HEWI should be easy, a med size cognac handbag with at least one decent exterior pocket and inside pockets - oh and the option to carry it with a long handle. I have one that just isn't very comfortable but has all the other required features so it's been a placeholder now for a few years.

I’m with Angie here on the Tiffiny colored clothing item . I would like a pair Of pumps or handbag in that color. SO hard to find .

A simple but spacious leather crossbody bag without gaudy logos or hardware.

A few years ago I saw someone wearing a camel/toffee coloured fitted wool coat, about mid thigh length, with an asymmetrical covered zip closure. It had kind of an understated elegance. I have never been able to find something similar.

The Perfect Summer Dress. Modest neckline, short sleeves, knee-length, natural fabric, colour that I like, flattering shape, breathable. Difficult, right? I told you that I am super picky.

Bijou, I think a white coat would be perfect on you!

I would really like a bag large enough to take to work, but in Navy. I have about 30 purses (though I'm going to purge 4-5 soon). Shouldn't be so hard, right?! I buy purses on a whim when I see them for cheaper than sale price at places like the Rack. I just haven't run into a navy one that fits the bill. I may have to do a more concentrated search this year. I've always wanted a Cambridge satchel, so if I got one in navy, it could be a way to kill two birds with one stone? On the other hand, that Cambridge satchel vibe might not fit with my newly settled style moniker of Fun NY Eclectic, though "eclectic" covers a lot of ground.

Idk, I just got my new backpack/bag and am pretty happy with that...

I had to do a search for "HEWI" - I thought it meant "Hardly Ever Wear It" HAHA

A hip length moto/biker style jacket, with snap collars and simple detailing, in the perfect shade of cognac - not too tan, not too brown.

Most I find have cheap-looking hardware, too much quilting on the arms/shoulders, or are too cropped for my long torso. *sigh*