I mentioned a couple of times on the forum that I am doing strict one in / one out to keep my wardrobe under control. So to be able to keep anything from my Zara order, I need to first identify my out items.

The Navy Zara blazer is the easiest decision because I wanted to replace this Boden plaid blazer from 2019 for a long time. This blazer was a mistake from the beginning. I bought it because I have matching pants and it was on deep discount, but I never liked how it fits, I did not like it worn as a suit because it was too much plaid and I it is the only blazer I have that I haven't worn at all in the last 12 months (and more). This blazer belongs to my 'dark neutral winter capsule' where Zara blazer will fit much better.

I am still thinking about citron/beige Zara cropped blazer. It didn't get much love on the forum, but it fits surprisingly nicely in my wardrobe. It goes well with some of my skirts, high waisted pants, jeans and even some dresses. I am curious to try it in a smaller size, and I have some errands to run today close to the Zara store so will go in to try it in person. But it will not be easy to decide on the out item if I decide to get this Zara blazer. I was wearing all my other blazers within last year and most within the last month. But I do have 2 that I am kind of forcing myself to wear, first being this long gray blazer. It is from last year, it fits nicely and it is of good quality. I convinced myself that gray blazer is staple of office wardrobe, but I find it hard to combine it with the rest of my wardrobe.I don't feel good in it, it makes me feel drab to be honest. Even when I wear it with some bright colors like yellow or pink, it does not help. Maybe it is wrong gray for me. And I still haven't found the right gray. Another contender is this J.Crew boucle blazer from 2019. It is the last of black items that I was slowly purging out. I still kept it because of the pattern it is not so obviously black, and I did wear it a lot recently because it is the only shorter jacket that I own and it looked better with some of my current high wasted bottoms than my longer blazers. It is going to get harder and harder to buy blazers because I love and wear all of the rest. Which one should I let go IF I decide to keep this cropped Zara blazer?

Green Zara dress, if I decide to keep it, will replace this red patterned Boden dress. Boden dress is old, and showing signs of wear. But it was a really great dress and it is in tall order to replace it. It was wash and wear, never creased and never needed ironing, so ideal for travelling, it worked through weight fluctatiotions, and it has pockets, unlike the Zara dress. I will be sad to let it go, but it is time.

The White embroidered skirt will replace a leopard print Whistles skirt from 2019. I loved Wistles skirt, but it is a pain to wear. It is viscose and it creases like crazy, so not good for travelling. And it is a wrapped style which is so impractical in windy Vienna, I always had to pin it and hold it in place. And I am off the animal print at the moment, and would prefer solid skirt for my 'light neutral summer' capsule.

The Green linen Zara shirt will replace this Boden flower blouse from 2020. Actually, I am not planning to let go of the Boden blouse but to move it to my beach capsule. This is maybe cheating, but sometimes I don't actually donate my 'out' item but move it to loungewear or beach capsule. I can't do it with many categories, but mostly with sweaters that are not in perfect condition but still ok to wear with sweatpants at home, or in this case with this blouse that I anyway, mostly wear on vacation. I am just not sure yet about green shirt, becasue honestly it could also end up easily in my beach capsule.

Apologies for such a long post, it is mostly to clarify my own thinking and decision making process to myself.