Angie recently mentioned that during her closet edit she realised she needed to update her jeans.

Quote below:
"...I'm revamping my jeans capsule this year - unexpectedly. Not enough trendy in what I have, and they're wardrobe essentials.'

It got me thinking about what item is a wardrobe essential for me and what I need to keep refreshed and up to date.

For me, it is my dresses. They are the backbone of my wardrobe. I have certain dresses that fulfil different roles and I always have a few to select from depending upon my activities. I am one of those people that could be invited to a wedding tomorrow and I would have an outfit, because I always seem to have a selection of dresses that cover most activities.

Other areas of my wardrobe don't have to work as hard. I wear jeans on the weekend, but I am OK to wear the same jeans for a number of years. I like booties, but even though Western boots are trending, I may or not participate in coats and jackets are rather traditional. In terms of being trendy, it seems that my dresses have to do all of the heavy lifting.

Realising this, has meant that I feel safe to be more ruthless in my closet edit of my dresses and also be OK about purchasing new dresses. I am saying goodbye to a number of dresses and skirts that are relatively new and not having regrets - because my style has changed and these old dresses no longer spark joy. I want to only wear dresses that spark joy.

I would be interested to hear what your essential item to keep trendy and current is? For my best friend, I know it is all about the shoes with her...