And she looked KILLER FABULOUS, of course

A matchy-matchy casual and on trend practical look with lots of punch, MEGA stripes, and cool toned fabness. Flattering and comfortable silhouettes, relaxed elegance, and a very Euro integrity. I love Inge in this vibe.

I spent the day with darling Inge in Arnhem (the Netherlands), and as always - WE HAD A BALL. It was sodding awful weather and we got rather wet, (public transport and LOTS of walking outside will do that to you). But we had the best time and found the BEST stuff. Good thing we're both very used to walking in the rain and getting on with it....

As we shopped, we found a hat and scarf - last two pics - that Inge sported right away because they worked perfectly with her outfit. Inge was SO STINKING CUTE IN THAT HAT AND SCARF!!!! I told her at least 20 times. Unfortunately the weather was so bad that we couldn't take a photo of the evolved outfit

Inge had a long shopping list. We focused and found most of the items. She'll tell you about them I'm sure! I had an excellent shopping trip too.