Angie, I love you, but I'm afraid you're quite the pied piper leading me to my doom LOL. After you blogged the very shooties I've been eyeing for so long, I had to go buy them. It was a once in a lifetime chance to get a good deal on a shoe that I would have paid full price for if this wasn't the coronapocalypse. The color is divine, the cut is cool, and eventually things will open back up enough that I'll have somewhere to wear them (and if not, I can always wear them to lounge on the couch because I'm worth a fabulous shoe). I'm hoping they work for my feet, which run wide and have high arches. The arch might not be a problem, since inserts can provide the support if the shoe doesn't.

While I was shopping for the shoe, I decided to see if they had any cute bralettes that I liked. Lo and behold, they did; so I added this madewell one to my shopping basket. I recently had a bad experience with an underwire bra that rubbed a raw spot on my back from the little thingie that adjusts the length of the straps and now I refuse to wear a regular bra to work unless I'm only working a half day. This one is bright and happy and colorful, which will be my secret counterpoint to a drab set of dress-code-compliant work clothes

I also decided to check out the sale tops at the real real, because I have a very great need for a large number of summer tops, tees, tanks, and etc. because Texas. I found a breezy Malene Birger oversized silk top that fit the bill, and I got a great deal on it because consignment shopping is just that way.

Now that I've gone and spent all this money on clothes and shoes, I'm going to go plant some more stuff in my container garden because I still need to eat LOL
Just kidding, I didn't spend the grocery money on clothes and shoes. I actually enjoy gardening, and spent the grocery money on berry bushes to plant in containers on my little RV spot. My pantry, fridge, and freezer are more than full enough for me to spend on berry plants instead of something I'll have to find room for in my cabinets and won't eat anyway because I'm too lazy to cook

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