I am looking ahead to next year and changing work circumstances, and the uncertainty that brings. I scale back whenever we re settle in Tahoe and iron out the job situations. Even if work is lined up ahead of time, our income is dramatically reduced from FL levels. All that to say, I'd be back on a minimal purchasing plan. Sure, I try to manage amounts and dollars at all times, but it's more of a game when we are out here and more of a financially prudent move when home.
So, let's say you need to cut back the shopping for whatever reason: retirement, paying for kids in college, not enough space, keeping the SO off your back (ahem) I'm speaking of reduced circumstances, not dire ones that would require a complete SYC hold on all purchasing. What would you choose as your minimum requirements to keep the wardrobe in reasonable shape? I figured the following for myself:

  • Jacket
  • Pant
  • Dress
  • Sweater
  • Skirt
  • Summer shoe
  • Winter shoe
  • 4 Shirts (long slv, short slv, tank, layer)
  • Accessory

If money and amounts were no object I would double every category except the skirt and jacket. I would add shorts and a coat instead.
It has crossed my mind that I may at some point end up in a job without a uniform. In that case, I would make the bare minimum purchases more business casual wear - black trousers for the pant, charcoal blazer, jacquard pencil skirt, white silky blouse, cashmere v-neck, etc.
You never know what the future holds, but I do have a contingency plan
I also guesstimated amounts, and it comes out around $900 which is $75 per month. Not peanuts, but low enough to fit into most moderate budgets.