We have those pieces that we love, fit well, are in line with our style…but still don’t wear.

Aside from pieces bought in the current season - what pieces do you own and adore- but just don’t get enough wear from.

For me it’s mostly dressy pieces such as the pleated dress and heels. My life doesn’t require these types of pieces often.

But on the more casual side - I really like this spotted cami and rarely wear it - it’s a bit bare. Too bare for work or days in the sun, so it’s worn at night either solo or with a blazer. I have a couple of other strappy tops or dresses and I need to be cautious about adding more for this reason.

The other piece is this lovely green bag. I prefer the guitar strap to the leather strap - but I find the colours a bit hard to coordinate. Maybe a new strap?

Do you have things that you want to wear more then you do? And why is this?