Denise, you didn't see the plaid shirt because it left it at Nordie's and had it shipped. Couldn't afford the weight in my suitcase! And YOU are the best roommate ever, not least of all because you so graciously gave me control of the TV remote!

You truly scored big time this weekend, Mary, and that's just the way it should be. Fabulous new loot for the beautiful birthday gal. I am still pinching myself that you and the other wonderful Californian Fabbers flew to Seattle to join us. It was such a treat meeting you, and just as you often make me chuckle and laugh out loud on the forum, you did the same thing irl. Your dry sense of humour, energetic, enthusiastic and positive attitude and love for life and all things fashion is a pleasure to watch.

And how fantastic that those sliding doors are now in place. Your new home looks beautiful (thank you for sharing some pictures with me on Saturday). Now go try on all your new stuff and take photos for us in that very handy new mirror of yours;-)

Mary you are a dynamo! It was so fun hanging out with you. This recap is so much fun to read. It's great to re-live the moments I was there for!

ooooh! such lovely pics of the oyster lunch. How fab that your birthday weekend was full of fun with YLF friends.

Thanks for sharing. What a fab birthday

What a great way to spend your birthday...with so many good friends! Thanks for the pics.

I can't think of a nicer way to spend a birthday weekend. Thanks so much for sharing pics from the weekend. So fab! It's so much fun following the progress of your new castle. So happy for you!

Wow! This must have been the best birthday ever. What a lovely group of women, and what an amazing set of photos. Mary, thanks for summarizing your adventures and sharing with us. I love your new purchases and can see how every single one of them is going to add a lot of value to your closet. I love that AT jacket, too. And promptly collected it. Fab silk shirt, too, you brilliant bargain hunter.

As for your new palace, well, I think you may have to host the So Cal version of that YLF cocktail party in a few months, no?

Suz, I can't wait to host the Fabbers at Queen's Landing!!

This was so awesome! I loved reading all about it, and seeing all of the photos - I felt like I was almost there! I'm so glad that your birthday was special and full of fashion and friends. What could be better?

What a great way to spend your birthday. Love your loot. I can't wait to see you model all those beautiful clothes.

Yay I'm so glad you had the best birthday weekend It was a delight to see you again Mary, and I can't wait for the Queen's Landing Extravaganza ^^ Loved seeing your photos, my goodness they're (we're?) all adorable. You have a magic camera! I had to giggle a bit at the shoe shot thinking of how we would manage one with the Whole Big Group from Saturday. That'd be quite the accomplishment, don't you think?

(I think your thoughts on shopping are spot on. Having shopped with you last, what, three years ago now? I have to say that you have gotten even more savvy. Very impressive. Fabulous haul, and I know you'll get plenty of wear fro the whole lot. Wah that I missed the 50% off sale at AT though!)

Beautiful, focused purchases. Thanks for sharing the weekend with us -- and pics of your cozy house taking shape!

Mary, I was THRILLED to meet you at last and celebrate your birthday as well. You were every bit as brilliant as I imagined and then some! Unbelievable! Too bad it was impossible to be at 2 places at the same time: I would love to witness your consignment store hunt! I will be totally coming to California one day so I can hang out with you once more (and with Vicki, Deb and Denise of course).
Did you break in those culottes and track pants yet?

*squeel* I can't take the excitement in your post!! Love your haul and the super fun pictures! And the house .... Beautiful! Such a fab fab fab birthday!

Aw, thanks so much for all the love, ladies! I am still walking on air, three days later!!

Haven't had a chance to bust out the culottes and track pants yet -- the temps here are back in the 90s! Argh!! Not to mention the fact that I spent the day yesterday in my "paint clothes" painting my dining room chairs! LOL

Aida, isn't it fun to be multi-year shopping buddies? And if I'm not mistaken, we end up as twinsies each and every time! SO FUN!!

Inge, I am lounging around on my bed with my laptop enjoying some of my yummy Belgian birthday chocolate at this very moment, and sending you all kinds of love and thanks! You were so sweet to indulge me with the house photos!

Sveta, you'd better believe the thrills went both ways!! I loved my time with you! I am definitely going to hold you to your promise of a So Cal visit!

And Sharan, it was so great to get to spend time with you and get to know you so much better!! You will have to come to So Cal for the housewarming, too!

Oh thanks so much for sharing Mary! It sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend. Can't wait to see you model those culottes and the track pants!

I just realized my comment on this thread yesterday was somehow lost in the cyber sphere! I so wish I could have been there to celebrate your actual birthday on Friday night! But I'm so glad to have finally met you in person, my fellow businessy
dresser. I just wish we had more time to chat! You scored some amazing items - can't wait to see you model them on the forum. Cali is awfully close...maybe I'll make it down for the next California meet up!

Christy, I felt the same way! I was so thrilled to see you, and then somehow the weekend slipped away without nearly enough fellow-businessy-dressers chat time!! COME TO SO CAL!! We can sit by the fire pit and drink wine out of my new wine glasses!

Thank you for posting the fab pictures. I so wish I had been there - it looked like the most amazing fun.