I was a very late adopter of skinny jeans and bootcuts. I held out on bootcuts for a very long time!

The party is over when I arrive but I still have fun. I think that YLF changes my mind about certain pieces.

Oh my god - David Sedaris in culottes. I will never be able to look them the same way again

Hah-jill58- just saw Sedaris speak and they weren't just any culottes. They were patterned and fun.

I was late to trying a lot of trends and some that I thought I'd never try, I have. The whole process is accelerated by YLF. I am willing to give more styles at least a try-on, and am quicker to rule out definite no-goes. Also, more efficiency in finding "my" version f a particular item.

Fun topic!

jill58 & Eliza: I saw him a year ago in the fall and he was wearing culottes then, too.