I am sure we have discussed this before, I just need some fresh commiserations
My life has been extremely casual since beginning of this year. I was on extended sick leave first and then in April I started working from home. Most days have been spent in pajamas or lounge wear. Sometimes I would make effort if I had a meeting even though they were mostly audio calls. I just felt more professional talking to colleagues properly dressed. Only last couple of weeks I have started going out for a short walk around my neighborhood. I may be going back to the office as of 1. July but there is possibility to continue working from home for another month on a health ground. So all that is to say that I don’t need much to get dressed this days, especially nothing fancy. But I do have few very specific needs. I desperately need new bras, and I would like to try for the first time some wireless ones for comfort. I need couple of summer weight pajamas. My small t-shirt collection is shabby looking after so many wash and wear, I have to refresh it. And I currently don’t have casual comfortable sandals that I can wear on my walks. Problem is, I just realized, that I don’t like to shop for any of this categories. I can’t concentrate and I am constantly distracted by sharp blazers, colorful skirts and fancy dresses that I don’t need. So how about you? Is there anything that you dislike shopping for? Do you have any strategies for shopping for this categories? Can you help me stay focused on my task and stop me from buying things in my finds