I'm going to echo Allona and say "Absolutely nothing!" I love, love, love summer and warm weather and hope to never have a repeat of the super cold and super long winter we recently had.

I also am getting to a place where I really like my summer wardrobe. I think I'm going to cry when I have to put away my Gap skimmers and my Franco Sarto Holts.

I just found out that our winter is supposed to be colder and snowier than usual...as winter weather came and went for 6 months last season, this is not great news.
That being said, I'm looking forward to wearing my new leather and faux leather jackets, all of my boots, and sweaters.
And, like Cerinda, my third layer pieces!!

Our summer has supposedly been hotter than normal this year, but it hasn't bothered me, I guess because I work in a cold office and because my arthritis is better in warm weather.

I think I'm prepared if the winter turns out to be colder. I spent quite a bit last fall and winter on jackets, sweaters, etc. I was determined to keep warm, lol.

This year I shouldn't have to buy much, if anything. I'm happy with my wardrobe. That's not to say I won't see things I want, but at least I'm at a place where I can be very selective about what I buy.

Oh ladies-- so much fun to hear you rave about your favorite old or new pieces! I'm looking forward to seeing all the burgundy, colorful jackets and leather, and booties in action and I always drool over scarves and knitwear which seem to be difficult for me to figure out.

In a lot of ways I can relate to both the ladies who are sick of the heat AND the ladies not looking forward to arctic chill. We had a weird year with a cold winter that turned into a long cold spring with lots of rain (not complaining about that) and then a hot, humid summer. NOT usual for us in this part of CO at all-- my winter wardrobe got used to death and will need a lot of replacing and I didn't shop enough in early summer because I was still wearing cool-weather clothes. Then we started having this miserable "death heat" (can you tell I'm not a fan of hot humidity?)---- so as soon as it was warm enough to hike it got TOO hot to hike. BLARGH!

Anyway, I have a job interview on Monday and may be switching climates if it goes well, so I've been trying to put off shopping for fall-- just picking up some end of season summer pieces I know I will use again (like tees) and a few transitional things that I will be able to use anywhere (sneakers, light and mid-weight long sleeves, jeans). It is so good to take the time to enjoy what I already have in my closet and anticipate you ladies wearing your treasures!

It's cooler and raining today. I can wear some new stuff! See my outfit below.

Good luck with the interview, Elly. Much love to you and doggie too.

My sweaters from the NAS! August and September (and sometimes October) are our hottest months here in So Cal, so I have some waiting to do!!

My new thin grey marbled maxi cardi:-).

Ever since I bought a new leather jacket from Danier on my trip to Vancouver, I've been itching to wear it over my silk dresses--but of course the temps have finally started staying in the 80's, too warm for leather. I have also been in the mood for sleeved dresses and cozy sweaters, some of my favorites from last winter. Actually I didn't get to wear my slouchy oatmeal alpaca wool sweater from J.Crew at all last year.... it was too warm. But this year I'm traveling to Montana during the holidays so it should get a little time to play. And after mostly ignoring my tall boots last year, I want to work them into more winter outfits even when it's too warm 95% of the time to wear jeans tucked into them.

I am usually very good at waiting to wear things. However I miss my fur vest and my wool blazer.
Also I want to wear this new cape, I have bought other things but this one is calling for me

Good luck for the job interview.

Nothing that I can't wait to wear. The cold will be here soon enough. I still want to enjoy my summer things!