Merino tanks are a really useful layering piece. They go well under tops or cardigans. And sustainable definitely. Mine is MacPac but I think there are lots of brands. I will probably get another one as I wear mine so often from May- November. To the gym, running, under sweaters etc.

I have found my Bomber puffer a useful piece too. It is vegan. In general I think bombers are good transitional pieces. Janet has a thread a week ago with her jacket collection including some fantastic bombers. I also have a Zara bomber that is a useful transitional weight. I bought it second hand but it is not natural fibres.

Smittie and Sal, I will definitely do a puffer jacket— just the vests feel more gearish to me—I plan to replace my sweater-weight puffer jacket this year, since it’s losing its puff. I think I need cardigans that aren’t cashmere, and probably a lightweight jacket or two (I recently passed on my denim and leather jackets because of poor fit). I do have a good trench coat for rain, but might want something more gearish as well.

As Sal suggested, merino seems like a good fiber for in-between weather. And I might look for another casual silk blouse. I also see a lot of lightweight duster cardigans in LA. I have one of those, but would kind of like another in a different color.

This thread has been very interesting to me. I’ve never lived in LA so I can’t offer much. I do like my Patagonia nanopuffs (with hoods). They’re good in coolish breezy weather. And of course pack up into a pocket.

JAileen, Patagonia is my brand of choice for sustainability reasons, but there’s an REI-branded one that I really love for the color (the rust one).

I’m going to miss winter so much! It’s all starting to feel real now, after a loooooooong process.

Long sleeve tees/skivvies
Long sleeve shirts/blouses
At least two pair of jeans or winter slacks
Medium and lightweight knit sweaters ( even maybe a non-evil cowlneck )
Light to medium weight jacket and vests
Comfy shoes and boots

I know that LA isn't SF but up here I live in my denim jackets, and in the cooler parts of winter (...or summer) I add a large but thin wool scarf, or a thin merino cardigan that is hidden inside the jacket just like a lining. The sun is so bright and warm during the day that I need to have a short sleeve top as the innermost layer.

My first 10 years out here I didn't have anything I'd call a winter jacket/coat, until I finally got a wool coat and suddenly realized how cold I'd been until then. That's also very dependent on microclimates - when I worked down at Stanford, it was substantially colder at night and the long walk to my car or the train made me really appreciate a real winter jacket. I imagine I wouldn't need it much in LA, but I don't really know.