OK, I bought another faux leather jacket moto style which I adore, in a midnight/teal color. What do I wear with it so it doesn't look too drab or dark? Here is the one: https://www.express.com/exp/se.....night+blue

I also have this same jacket in blush pink which I also love, as it is perfect for the neutral palette I mostly wear, beiges, light grey, black, white, taupe, etc. This one is easy, it goes with all my clothes. I really like faux leather too as it is much lighter than real leather. I love it so much, I impulsively bought the blue one. Need Angie's help (as she is so great with color) or anybody else, on what color to wear under it that will look interesting. I've never been a blue person, but would like to incorporate it into my wardrobe. I'm thinking a navy and white stripey shirt is fab for starters. Or a pale blue t????
Thank you for any ideas~