1. New black skirt to replace a recently "retired" one.
2. Sweater in a shorter, boxier fit
3. A pair of flat "beatle boots"
and 4. new pair of snow boots

When Mo asked I said
Black silky tee (now purchased)
New handbag
Flat tan walking sandals

I also was on the lookout for more toppers - I have bought a crayon pink blazer now which I adore madly. I have two dresses arriving today from an online shop that were heavily reduced.

So my current three would be

new handbag
flat walking sandals or similar (probably tan but maybe white)
shorts or culottes or lightweight pants

I will be sticking to this list as we have a renovation and a holiday planned that are taking most of my budget. These posts help me focus.

I will do a show and tell post once the dresses arrive:)

This site has really inspired me to just update instead of feeling like I need a new wardrobe twice a year. So in that spirit, I took stock of my closet and
my top 3 are:
a new trench (which I just ordered)
an updated pencil skirt - Ann Taylor has a black lace pencil skirt I am eyeing)
new black cardigan

I, too, would like a new handbag but I think I'm going to wait until spring/summer transition.

I also picked up a few things at NAS - two dresses, a leather jacket, and silk Eileen Fisher pants (they weren't on sale, but are perfect). Things I am considering:
A long camel wool vest from Mango
Slouchy, tapered wool pants (haven't seen these yet and not sure that I will find them).
Maybe a longer length red blazer or a red plaid skirt.

I've been looking for a chunky knit slightly oversized non-wool/hair sweater in a shade of white, without banding at the bottom. I've looked for at least 2 years without success, but still hold out hope!

I also want to replace gray cord skinnies with something else in dark gray, but not sure of the silhouette yet. Probably not skinnies!

Jeans that don't suck the life out of me, or fall down without a belt. It seems it is one or the other! I prefer not to wear belts with jeans. I really still love the idea of the Rag & Bone boyfriends, but I wish I could try a size or two up in person. My store doesn't have them, and I won't order such an expensive item without trying on first.

I didn't have a thing on my list until I saw Tanya JCrew post.
I really want this shirt but have to get through Aug. I would like to have that shirt to go over my leather striped leggings I bought at NAS.

Endless shirt
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Top Pick

1. longish coat (considering this one from Zara but still on the fence)
2. booties (love these from Zara, definitely buying)
3. good work shoes for travel/long days (eyeing these silver loafers from JCrew and waiting for a % off)

Also, a couple of sweaters, a couple of going-out tops, and a pair of skinny jeans.

For me it's mostly shoes as I have most other territory covered, with the exception of maybe one or two wildcards.

1. Oxfords or similar shoes in taupe or other light tan shade.
2. Fall sandals or other flats since it stays warm here until late November I need something slightly more covered but still cool
3. Already purchased The North Face fleece jacket in the baroque purple shade. I needed an everyday winter jacket that was a bit longer than my motos or other jackets. I sized up so I can wear this over sweaters.

I know, it was only supposed to be three, but I already purchased Everlane cashmere sweater in a heathered taupe brown shade -- and can't wait to wear it.

Those red Matisse booties are on my list! Waving at Janet. Waiting for Austere August to pass to get those.

I feel pretty good about where I am regarding statement pieces. I need more basic tops in black, white and other neutral colors, so that's what I will focus on.

The one other piece that has been a HEWI for me is a knit off-white moto jacket to act as a cardigan replacement. I think I finally found one (see below). Yes, I am looking forward to the end of Austere August

Here's my top three wishlist items:

  • I've had a cashmere sweater on my wish list for years now. I want either black or charcoal, v-neck, long sleeves, and hip-length. Somehow this very basic combo is hard to find in plus sizes. For the past few years the only ones I've seen in my size are either 3/4 sleeves, crew neck (or worse, the "mock t-neck"), or really short.
  • Casual non-jeans trousers. Maybe some cords? I'd like a relatively heavy weight, stretchy fabric, but with more body than ponte knit.
  • Decent-looking walking shoes, ideally something that could be worn with either a dress or trousers. I'm not sure what I want here but I'll know it when I see it!

I am pretty well set and can't think of any true needs at the moment but I would like to add an olive outfit and/or an ink outfit and every year I always want to add some chunky sweater.

Oh! I do have a need. I need some rain boots but they need to be on the shorter side to fit my calves and at a very affordable price point so it's been an elusive item for me.