I saw this sweater in the Anthropologie catalog, and I thought of you, Peri, with your penchant for creative layering and your quest for not-so-basic basics.

Nice, Annabelle!

I live in sweaters but how strange, I find it hard to say what my essentials are. I stay away from v-necks. The draft and not my best look. I always need a sweater coat and chunky sweaters. I'm liking architectural drapey sweaters right now but they tend to be thin, so I've got to have thermals underneath. I've got some cropped sweaters. I stay away from things that stop at the waist... I'm short waisted so that tends to be frumpifying...

For an 'essential' basic sweater, e.g. something to wear under a jacket (topper? new to the site and learning the terminology! ;)), what shape is modern, current, but good for pears? Should I stick with colors similar to my jeans or pants, and not worry about the length? Lots of cute sweaters, but they all seem to be short enough that they cut across right above my hips, making me look super wide. I love bright colors (I'm pale, and they make me look more awake and alive), but I don't know how to do the layering to make it work. Thanks!