First, let me start of by saying that I absolutely live in jeans and I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve got well over 30 pairs. ☺️ When I post my outfit photos I am always in jeans

The two main stores I buy my jeans at are American Eagle and Old Navy.
I love American Eagle brand because they always have a wide range of Jean styles for a good price, and especially that I am tall they have plenty of extra long inseams for me and that is very hard to find usually. My favorite styles would be kick boot and skinny; but recently I tried boyfriend fit fearing they wouldn’t fit me and be too lose like old pairs but they fit great and I fell in love, they fit me well and match most of my outfits I wear regularly. They also give me the appearance of a slightly larger booty as I am not gifted in that area The material is great quality and lasts for many years! I also like how some pairs have the yellow logo on the back pocket for some added style, but if I want to dress down I’ll wear ones with the blue logo that are nearly invisible.

Old Navy also has great jeans for a fair price. Until recently they always had too short of an inseam to fit me but now they finally have the longer inseam for us tall girls. I used to only buy the Diva fit until they got rid of it, I stick with bootcut and skinny style jeans in the dark washes now.
I have had two issues which I hope Old Navy will fix. I find that the material will stretch over the day and I’ll either yank my pants up or have to wear a belt, the waist isnt a huge issue with a belt, but stretching in the legs is! Sizing down is too tight, sizing up too large; so I’m kind of stuck with the stretching pants lol. The second issue is the belt loops tear so often, just putting a belt through some have come off and also using them to yank up my jeans (is there any proper way to? ) But, despite this they are my second fav brand.