Egad, all of them! But Birkenstocks in the summer and a flat black ankle boot in the winter are my defaults.

Growing up, I've always had a thing for flat knee-high boots - I even have a pair here, despite the humidity meaning it's too hot to wear them except for maybe 2 months out of the year lol. For me, they're a good compromise between function (those of you in the city will likely know the pain of being splashed by rain *& other unidentifiable liquids* when a car zooms past lol), modesty (my personal levels feel more comfortable wearing a knee-length skirt with tall boots), & versatile fashion. Sure, I could just get a pair of tall wellies, but they wouldn't dress up so well for work. And ankle booties for some reason look strange on my legs (maybe because of my height?)

Interestingly enough, other flat styles like derby or brogues feel too suffocating on my feet, with their lace up fronts. Yet I don't even remember the last time I owned ballet flats or put on spindly heels - my shoes need to be sturdy but not 'too' sturdy, if that makes sense. That's why I haven't yet pulled the trigger on the combat boots trend, despite admiring it on others. It's also why I don't have any fashion trainers (the closest thing I wear are closed toe flats with a white flatform sole).

Aren't feet strange?

This time of year, my tall boots are my favorites. All year long, my Sketchers sneakers and Sperry Top Siders are favorites. No more pumps or heels of any kind for me.

It’s summer here so my Birks and my new ‘dad sandals’ which are a much less expensive version of the Chanel ones are my go to footwear right now. But flatform sneakers and chunky sandals are also major players. What I don’t have are ballet flats...just don’t quite work for my style, as much as I do love them x

Boots. I love boots. The taller the better. I like ladylike boots, western boots, aggressive combat boots, I just love boots

Indy, you ought to think about relocating to Colorado if you like to wear boots. You see them all year. Any kind of boots. Most all year it is cold in the mountains. Some years there is skiing still available on the 4th of July. Snow is probable in May and even not a surprise in June. Nurseries say not to plant outside until at least June. That may be optimistic. A killing freeze or heavy s ow is common in September. This year many tress have freeze dried green leaves from a cold snap in early September. Boot season is long!

@Joy I remember when I was in CO I was told that if you don't like the weather, you should wait 5 minutes. Lol seemed to be true enough when I was there - boots came in handy on hikes even in the summer, but you could be sweltering in them come midday!

Bare feet have always been my absolute faves, and these days I wear thick cabin socks around the house. But sometimes I have to go outside...
Right now my “favorites” are ankle boots I don’t have. I wore them out to the point they could no longer be repaired. I’m on the lookout for my next perfect pair, with just the perfect low/almost flat heel height. I’m also looking for the winter version of my loafers, which I loved for their looks and the ease of slipping them on to run out the door, and off when I wanted to curl up my legs while concentrating.
Looks-wise I love my combat boots, both black and red, for the lace-up feature and their fitted ankles. I’d wear the black ones more often if lacing them wasn’t such a commitment—when they are on, they are on!