I think we will be going out with my mom, but dressing up would be limited to maybe wearing a nice jacket with the sweater and crop flares and booties.

I think Greyscale needs to plan some urban cool for her high school reunion. Possibly involving moto boots.

What fun to hear the different plans.
I'm hosting and cooking for 12 adults and 2 children. I found the perfect Kate Spade pants at the Rack last weekend for a steal. (They are more cropped on me) They are crazy pants in thanksgiving colors, but drapey and cool enough while I'm working the oven and elastic waist for eating! I think I'll wear my J Crew peplum top and a cardigan in pink or brown or cream. That will depend on the temps. I have bronze slippers that look like ballet flats I'll probably be wearing since I'm not really going out.

I'm hoping to wear my WHBM velvet pants...if they fit. I ordered them this past week and haven't yet received them.

So glad to see those brocade pants from Old Navy. I have been looking at them and wondering the same thing. What to wear for a top?

Karie - stretchy is key for me.

Staysfit - real shoes is yay. It will be exciting to have both kids home and be able to make them happy with their favorite things.

BC - dresses sound nice and easy. And I find dresses often more comfy than anything else.

Thirkellgirl - I love the colors in that flannel.

UmmLila - a little dressed up is a nice amount. I expect Grayscale will have the wardrobe to come up with something really good.

Jjsloane - you are going to be doing lots of cooking. This looks like a nice, festive outfit.

Gigi - velvet pants sound perfect for the occasion. Hope they work out!

Madeline - I think you could go lots of different directions with a top from white or denim shirt, to a solid sweater or jacket and beyond. I would probably lean more toward texture than print with it, but I'm sure others could pull off that combo.

what a wonderful "how we met" story!!!

DH and I are going to his sister's house where we'll have the full turkey dinner with her, her DH, my Mom, and 3 students from a school in Boston attended by young ladies from Japan who want to improve their English skills while studying for a bachelor's degree. My SIL travels to Japan on business often and started Japanese lessons at this school a few years ago. The Japanese students of course do not celebrate Thanksgiving and the school is closed that day. So, the last few years SIL invites a few students to her house for the day to experience an American thanksgiving. It is a lot of fun! Last year the two students had never seen spray whipped cream (Redi-Whip) and were delighted by it so I made sure to get some again this year. They didn't really like cranberry sauce, but the pumpkin pie was a hit.

Back to what I'm going to wear...I was thinking of jeans but was totally uninspired, until I found these two items at LOFT today and they are perfect! I got the sweater in ink but the detail is easier to see in the brown one. The pants have subtle embossed pattern. The boots I already have.

We are (as we have done in the past few years) going to my in-laws' vacation house in the mountains. It's always just family and very casual, plus the house tends to be cold (snow is forecasted this year) so we bundle up in cozy, comfy clothes. Usually something like flannel shirts or warm sweaters, and jeans.

And now you know, delurked:

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Chris987 - so glad you found an outfit you are happy with. I like the look of those pants - they read navy online, but are they actually teal as the description says? I think it's great to spend the holiday with students who I am sure appreciate a homemade American touch.

Diana - that sounds very nice. I bet it's beautiful in the mountains.

Angie - the outfit looks great on you. It's fun to see what you come up with, and how what you wear seems so totally you.

Delurked - the pants are navy with an embossed geometric pattern that is very subtle but gives a bit of sheen. I saw that "teal" too - not accurate

Good to know Chris. I generally wear the Marisa fit from Loft, although I do have one in the Julie fit. Do you know how these fit? I may give them a try in tall if/when I spot a good sale later this week.

madeline- I have decided to top the brocade pants with my denim shirt, my cut velvet kimono and my chunky brass and turquoise necklace.

I was planning on something casual but nice, (probably my tan Andrea Jovine joggers with the chocolate tuxedo stripe, my chocolate AG knit top, and some leopard print haircalf CorsoComo slip-on sneakers). DH & I originally planned to spend the day hanging out with our little dog, binge watching Netflix, and generally relaxing between his morning and evening hunts (doe days are very limited this year in our county & he's not missing out on them )

Then we got several phone calls with invites to this thing and that thing the kicker? Somebody who has invited herself and her kid out here to our fledgling intentional community and says she's cooking for "whoever's there" and now I'm just disgusted enough over my great plans being ruined that I intend to wear my shredded black Rick Owens sweater, leather leggings, and bad ass black suede stiletto heel point toe boots (because my wardrobe is my armor, y'all)

Sorry for being such a downer in an otherwise lovely and enjoyable thread.

Uggh. it sounds like you were too nice and should have been "busy" instead. So she's going to be around for hours cooking in your kitchen?

Delurked, it's a weird situation out here. We are currently in an RV until we can build a small-house on a foundation. Another couple is in an rv until they can renovate the actual house (the husband owns the property but wants it to become a community of tiny & small houses). Another lady is part-time out here for now, eventually planning to build a small-house of her own. We're trying to start an intentional community, eco-friendly permaculture egalitarian etc etc. This lady that has invited herself out here is some kind of permaculture student or something, I dunno, and I have no idea if she's joining the community or not. But she has invited herself and her kid out here to cook Thanksgiving dinner in the actual house on the property. She's bringing the food that she's cooking, and the dude who technically owns the property will likely be here but his wife will be at her mom's. It's all confusing to me, and I live here LOL. I didn't know about the lady inviting herself out here until it was a done deal and the food was being delivered. DH keeps saying"all you gotta do is hang out", which overlooks the fact that I HADNT PLANNED ON BEING A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY . It's ok, well just have ourselves a binge watch day over the weekend and that's when I'll wear the nice casual chocolate outfit and relax. At least I won't have to clean up Thanksgiving dinner mess, so I guess there's a positive in the whole thing

It's snowing here, and I will be cooking for eight house guests over the holiday, so I expect to wear cashmere sweatpants, a sturdy t-shirt, and an apron!

I'm going to wear an EF top in brick red that I bought at NAS and haven't worn yet. Plenty of room for stomach to expand, assuming I can fit into the right pants. I want to wear a black cashmere cardi over it, also unworn. I don't know about the color combination though. I haven't worn black and red since the 80s. It will be at my niece's home and she'll be barefoot in a cute short sleeveless dress and the old ladies will be layered up.

My poor niece still can't figure out how she somehow got saddled with Thanksgiving. She's a good sport though. (She's a vegetarian.) We are bringing the wine, cheese and crackers for appetizers, and See's candy to eat along with pumpkin pie. It's now traditional.

I do miss the old days when we had family T-day here at home with my sons and assorted friends. Now I'm the old auntie. I do love my little red-headed nephews.

Cynthiawalkersmith - I mostly got that the guy who owns the house may not be a fan of his MIL here's to hoping you enjoy the day anyway

Tulle - sounds brr but nice. Can you believe I've never owned an apron? I've actually never owned an apron, but told my daughter I'd like one for Christmas. I predict she will forget and I will buy myself one next year. Maybe better for getting what I want anyway.

MsMaven - the EF top sounds nice. Your vegetarian niece is tasked with the turkey? The wine and apps and company sound like a nice day. Enjoy.

I will be wearing something comfy and appropriate for lots of car travel. We'll be traveling an hour north to spend Thanksgiving Day with my in-laws and then leaving from their house to drive 4 hours south to my sister's house where we'll spend the rest of the weekend. We'll have Thanksgiving dinner with her on Friday. I'm thinking leggings and tunics for both days. One issue is that my in-laws house tends to get overheated with too many people and it's nice to dress in layers, so that might require some thought.

You're gracious with your compliments, delurked. Thank you.

Loving this topic delurked, thanks so much for starting it. It's so great to read about everyone's plans, which are surprisingly varied.

Sara. - safe travels on your weekend. It sounds like layers is a good idea.

Chris987 - the YLF bunch is a diverse group in a lot of stages of life, that's for sure.

My guests confirmed that they're coming (!), so no pajamas for me. I'll be back to Plan A: jeans and a flannel shirt.


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Baking, prep-cooking and cleaning tomorrow -- so comfy gear/gym clothes for those endeavors. We will be doing our celebrating on Friday... hosting a group of dear friends. I plan to wear a sleeveless print tunic, olive cargo joggers and zebra Top-Siders for that event. I get hot when I cook... so sleeveless is an absolute necessity. Will throw on a fleece wrap once I cool down.