I have to save this thread! Olive is a difficult color for me but now I really want to try some of these ideas.

I also bought those jeans, and am looking forward to wearing them - it's still to warm here to wear them (Well, I could if I really wanted to, but I put long denim pants off as long as possible and continue to wear my lighter clothes while I can. The cooler months drag on long enough, I do anything not to start wearing those clothes early)

Olive is a new colour to me, not in my palette, and not one I intend to add any more of. But I loved these, so.... here they are. These guys have to go with things I already have... black, navy, white, denim, chambray... and I look forward to experimenting with other colours I have in my wardrobe. And getting ideas from all of you!

I personally do not like "dirty" shade colours (which I consider these) combined with the clear saturated colours I usually wear. The tones clash to my eye. So I question how much I'll wear them with my existing coloured tops... we will see how many of them pass my personal poison eye test.

I also think of olive as a neutral. The R&B pants are very dark, they almost look black so will go with most things.
I like the combo with orangey reds and particularly love combining olive and lavender.

Olive is a neutral color, so I think it is not so much which color works with olive, but what shade of a color works with your specific shade of olive. Each shade of olive works well with some shade(s) of pink, purple, orange, brown, blue, yellow, beige and even other shades of green (not to mention white, black and gray) - but not with all shades of these colors. Some shades of olive work well with baby pink and sage green while others may work better with peach pink and greenish yellows for example.

I often wear olive as a neutral. I pair it with cream, golds, navy, cranberry, tan, black, tomato red and cobalt blue. I frequently pair my olive with patterns.

I really like purple and olive! I just got this top and am thinking it will look good with my olive utility pants. I'm not sure they're a true olive, maybe more of a sage. But I think this would work either way.