Your finds look so beautiful - love the cape and all the plaid. And the bag. I guess I could have just said everything. Also Brooklyn's find looks like it was made for you. You must try it! Everyone's plans look wonderful. I am looking forward to wearing my sockless shoe collection. (I just realized I really have two dressing seasons - shoes with socks, and sockless shoes.)

I forgot to say earlier that I love your plaid and red winter options Bijou.

I used to wear a lot of red in winter but only have one piece left - could be time to change that!!

So lovely to see everyone's plans for the season, and hoping that during 2021 as things progress people can get out and about.

Fashintern - I hope things open up safely for you - it is so nice to know that there is no community transmission of Covid - well worth the effort of eradicating it.

Suntiger - I can imagine as a good swimmer you would miss the pool. It is very tough missing out on the activities that give us so much pleasure. I was lucky that even in lockdown dog walking was allowed.

Tanya - fashion wise, lockdown is SOO hard on you with that amazing wardrobe of beautiful clothes and not able to wear them - I really hope things get back to normal for you soon too.

Robin - I love the cape too, its such a fun piece! I really like adding a few items like this into my wardrobe to spice it up - although accept that for many that cape is a step too far.

Nemosmom - we need to find a plaid with your colours in the mix!

Cat2 - getting the vaccine is such a priority, 2021 is definitely the year to splurge on fab loungewear.

Carla - your summer capsule is wonderful and it has been a joy to see you gradually adding in the new lilac pieces.

Alwaystrying - it is so fab that you have some lovely white jeans. I have one pair of white jeans but they are a bit meh on me. I am OK with not buying more unless the perfect pair come along. A few years ago I did have a pair of perfect white jeans and what absolute workhorses they were.

Viva - those RED SHOES are everything! The perfect way to celebrate spring!

Nuancedream - you look stunning in your summer clothing (well all your clothing to be honest)....

Rachy - Red was my colour for 2021, it is fun to play with it and plaid which to my eye makes things a bit more casual in this coming season.

Sal - I cannot believe that turquoise dress either. I will definitely give it a go and even if the fit is off, as long as I can get my dressmaker to alter it - it will be a keeper because the colour is just superb.

Ledonna - looking forward to seeing your spring and summer headwrap style!

Angie - glad you approve of the turquoise dress! Your summer pieces are stunning and so you. That turquoise and orange striped top and matching check pants are going to look sensational on you.

Minaminu - I had to laugh, no sooner than I say "no more dressy clothing", I am falling for a dress... but at least I know I will get lots of wear from it.

LaPed - once mud season passes, those spring sneakers will be brilliant.

Cardiff Girl - sorry to hear that you have had such a long and protracted lockdown. I know that I have been so incredibly lucky so far.

Irina - that is such a long winter - sort of like my summer, just in reverse.

Celia - you have beautiful items from last year.

Brooklyn - I love that shirt too - a good strategy - to try the dress and shirt and see which works best. The linen / silk blend is so nice. My dress is silk and so has worn well considering how often I wear it. There is a sweater in that colour too...

Shevia - I often use footwear to transition my seasonal look. So I am now swapping dresses and sandals for dresses and boots, just to feel a bit more like it is Autumn.

Sal - you look gorgeous in red. I was really taken with that LK Bennett striped shirt you had in your finds that had a soft red stripe, I think that would be stunning on you.

I love your plaid capsule. What am I looking forward to wearing? I guess some sandals. I finally caved and bought a pair of rainbow Seychelles that I had had my eye on, waiting for them to go on sale. When they never did, and my size sold out, I had to search them out. Another thing I’m looking forward to wearing? Skorts. I bought this Lands End faux tie dye one. I guess I’m getting away from my strict grey wardrobe.

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Beautiful pieces Bijou - I especially love that red bag, the shade is so perfect!

For me, it's what I'm looking forward to NOT wearing ... my winter coat and boots! Once those are done with, it's all good

Janet - LOVE those rainbow sandals and skort.

Helena - yes I can imagine it gets a bit repetitive wearing the same coat and boots every time you venture outside. I am a bit over shorts and summer dresses after months of wearing them..

So much plaid, I love it!
I am heading towards the opposite season and looking forward to wearing light colors and transitional cardigans & jackets. Was thinking of doing a similar post following Angie's trend reports.

I’ve just realized I can scarcely conceive of summer dressing, which must be why I don’t have concrete ideas of what I’m looking forward to. Am packing for a trip to Florida, keep reaching for cardis or assuming that I’ll have something to cover up, say, awkward bra strap/tank top line-ups. It’s hard to remember how to dress when none of that is a thing!

Oh I can see you it these tartans!
I’m looking forward to spiffy shirts (like the kind from Boden that Angie wear). Also excited to wear some Lacoste golf shirts, 80’s style!

Veruca - I am looking forward to those too, although I have already started wearing boots with my summer dresses.

Liesbeth - I love the blue tones and items you have picked for spring.

Fashintern - with hot weather, the lighter the clothing the better - however, remember to stay sun safe - there is nothing worse than getting an unexpected dose of sunburn.

Smittie - that sounds so fabulous - I love Lacoste golf shirts as I remember them from the 80's. It's such a treat to hear from you too.

It’s more what I am looking forward to not wearing: socks and leggings! I am so tired of bundling up. I can’t wait to be bare legged in sandals and flats.