Dear YLF,

I have been enjoying everyone's posts about strategies for dressing while working from home and decided to share my latest musings.
My outfit planning strategy has been changing by trial and error mostly. My current work space isn't as climate controlled as my office space and actually gets very hot in situations like the heat wave that we experienced this week.
I have also been trying to figure out how to maintain a certain level of ongoing business dressing in my video calls that are not all scheduled. I am trying to stay away from completely sleeveless items or very casual looking tops.
DH has been also working from home with the same constrains and the issue was easily resolved with polo shirts or short sleeved shirts and shorts.
I could easily have gone the same way but I am not a fan of polo shirts and there aren't many options of short sleeved shirts that appeal to me.
In a way I was happy with this dressing challenge because I got to play around in my closet, organize and pair up some items in a different way that I would normally do, but was still struggling with tucked shirts that would bunch up in the calls creating a weird visual effect ,clothes that I kept fidgeting with and at least for now I don't appreciate sitting in my own house with tight or form fitting bottoms. Besides ,I don't always want to figure out what to pair with what in the morning.
One of these days I had a light bulb moment , I could try dresses!
(I know, groundbreaking :0) )
Right now I have been wearing dresses with different colors and different necklines, which is what people really see in the calls, or jumpsuits with the same criteria.I have added here and there a blouse/skirt or blouse/wide leg combination when I feel like it.
I have to say it has been liberating and between items I already had and items that I bought due to the great discounts online I wear colors everyday that make me feel pulled together, calm and full of energy.
I haven't taken any outfit photos but added below the weekly choices in finds.
Thank you for reading if you got this far and I welcome comments, suggestions or anything you want to share.