Glad you're having a great spring Angie! We hit 80 yesterday and the sun felt so strong! I wore a silk tank, gauzy scarf and pencil skirt with bare legs and peeptoe booties. I did not need my topper even for the a/c! Today is supposed to be 71. Glorious!

Let's see...I had snow, sleet, and wind yesterday with a high of 37F!!

Boots, wool socks and basically wintery clothes yesterday...grrrr

Really? Oh, I'm soooo happy to hear it. THANKS FOR SHARING.

So fun, Angie! I am going to try to channel my inner heat-loving Angie this summer. Mind over matter! We have had a glorious week here but still on the cooler side.

So happy for you, Angie! Your summer dresses are so coherent in style.:-) What I miss most in spring is to wear lighter shoes. 5 Celsius does not allow for bare legs, loafers or oxfords. Maybe low cut wool socks could be a solution, but I'm not sure it exists.

So funny Angie- we are having unusually warm weather here Down Under for Autumn. Back into shorts today and even warmer temperatures expected tomorrow.

Enjoy early spring/summer. The dresses look great. Things looked promising here, then cooled down and now may be warming up. Fingers crossed!.

Spring is all over the map here. DS (now an adult) has an early April birthday. He has had school cancelled that date due to heavy snow and had a party outside on an 85 degree day. Unpredictable.

Lucky you! It was unusually cold here this weekend. It was raining and 42 degrees F on Saturday while I watched my kids soccer games.

So happy for you! We got a foot of snow over the weekend and today it's somewhere in between snow and rain.

Timely post for me, in that I was just thinking that my spring/summer wardrobe needs some dresses. Enjoy the heat!

OH NO. Snow. Goodness. YUCK. I would have moved home by now if there was snow on the ground here. I do not like the snow at the best of times. You have my utmost sympathy.

I am continuing to bask in the glory of our beautiful weather before it rains on Friday. Wearing my red shirt dress today.

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