In a response to Jenn’s ‘January Wardrobe Thoughts’ post, Joy commented that she has seen (how via wear counting of a garment): “that a person could buy a trend and wear it out and be ready to move onto the next trend.” I have also been struck by the fact that when Angie comments on trends, she will sometimes mention that it is ‘still going strong’, or has been mainstream for ‘x many years’. Then there are some trends that become classic or iconic (jean jackets, Birkenstocks)

This idea of adopting a trend (early enough?) that it can actually become worn out (vs discarded for looking dated) is intriguing. I have read closet edit comments about passing on an item because it looks dated (hectic sleeves come to mind, and sandals that looked like shoes, with block heels, and cut out for toes) but not so much about trendy garments that get worn to death!

I jumped onto the raw hem trend early. Hacking some older, unworn blue jeans gave them new life, and they became favourites until retired this summer due to wearing out. (Two pair white jeans with frayed hems are still in rotation.) The new (2019) blue jean replacements are very different, do not have raw hems, and I believe reflect newer jeans trends.

I think the wearing out of a trendy item would depend on: early adoption of the trend, limited quantities of the trendy garments (in one’s closet) and high wear ratios. For example: I’m on track for 30 wears from a pair of amber cropped corduroys this F/W season. If the corduroy doesn’t wear out, I may get a second season of wear, before they are worn out. I don’t believe that I will pass them along due to feeling unfashionable after this season - but when they wear out, I believe I will replace them with something very different - thus wearing out a trend and being ready to move onto the next trend.

Have you actually worn out a trendy item vs moving it along because it was no longer fashionable or fab? What trend has endured? Any trends that were more fad, and thus short term?