So cute! The pearls make them so seamless with your style. Lucky you to have a forehead that you can show so beautifully. I have bangs for a reason, LOL!

Fun addition. Also check France Luxe, they have nice hair accessories.

Thanks, everyone!

Appreciate the kind words. Running out the door. Back later....

Aww,so cute!You can carry this look off with aplomb.

I love the modern retro look of the clips. And in true Angie style, they’re pearls! Super fabulous!

Very cute! Yay for pearls! Your hair looks fabulous!

Thanks for looking, and being lovely

I am late here, but had to chime in: I love this look on you--yes to Margot Tannenbaum and that fab historian CarolS referenced! They look fab with your specs! I had a professor who had a long sharp bob and wore a bobby pin or two just like this, and I thought she looked so chic and interesting.

Jonesy, your gracious words are a treat

Your hair clips are so gorgeous, you look lovely with them.

How fun! They look terrific with your bob, and it's so great you found some gold ones with pearls.

I really enjoyed barrettes and clips when my hair was longer. I got some at Anthro then, too. And Madewell (probably wouldn't fit your style) and Nordstrom (probably would).

Thanks, sweet Mirjana!

Sharan, I bet you ROCKED those barrettes!